Ch 76

No way…….




“That’s right”


Maybe it’s Reika-senpai.


“Yuya, isn’t it now?”




I think it is. We should go after her now…….


“Don’t hesitate, just go. If you tell her how you feel, she’ll accept it.”


After all, I’m just a spineless person. My heart was broken by a single heartbreak, and I’m trying to come up with all kinds of theories, but in the end, it’s my decision to make. There were many times when I could have said something.


I clenched my fists.


“…I guess that’s right. Alright then. Natsuki, give me a slap on the cheek.”


“I don’t want to. Are you a dominatrix?”


“…… Isn’t that the part where you slap me on the cheek to liven me up?”


“That’s an old fashioned way of thinking. Just get on with it. You wimp.”


He says this and deliberately teases me to loosen my tension and push me back.


“Let’s make it a double date next time.”


I smile wryly and answer.


“I don’t want to. I prefer to be alone with Reika.”




Now I can go, can’t I?


I look into my hand mirror and smile once.


What am I going to do? …………. I smile. My mouth is slack and I look disheveled.


There’s even a faint tear stain on my face……. It is all Yu-kun’s fault.


Besides, I have to go home before Yuya-kun……. Maybe he found out that I was listening to him…….


Aa, mou. I’m such an idiot. What am I going to do?


I can’t even look at Yuu-kun’s face today.


I have to leave the school for now……. So I left the roof.




I ran after Reika-senpai, but she was so fast that I lost her.


I know she is still in the school because I saw her senior get box. Then ……


I decided to wait in front of the entrance. The wind gently pushed me back.




What am I going to do? I walked around, thinking about what I’m going to do.


Did they find out? Would they be angry with me for listening in without permission?


I ran, thinking that I had to get out and go home early.


Then I saw the school gate.


“Um, Reika-senpai.”




“Ye, yes.”


Senpai’s cheeks were red and there were faint tear stains on her cheeks.


This situation, although the situation is reversed from the first time it happened, …… I am now…… I love you.

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