Ch 77

“Ye, yes.”


I do my best to convey my thoughts in a voice that is still a little shaky.




“Ah, hey senpai.”


Yuya-kun stopped me with an unprecedentedly serious face and voice, and I immediately replied, “Ye, yes.” His eyes were so serious. This man is going to confess me right now, anyone could see that. His serious gaze pierced my heart, melting it, and my chest slowly became hot.


“I was thinking about Senpai…”




“I love you. I love you. Please go out with me!!”


I convey my thoughts as best as I can. My heart is beating so loudly that it feels like it will burst. I can’t turn back now, and I don’t want to.


To be honest, I’m too embarrassed to look at my senpai’s face, and I still keep my head down. It’s just the two of us, like nothing else matters anymore, and all I can think about is Reika-senpai.


I wonder what kind of face she is making. Is she crying? Is she laughing? Is she happy? I was so worried that I was not sure if she was happy or not. …… Or maybe a touch of fear came over me. …… “Look up, Yuya-kun.”…… And then, before I knew it, she hugged me tightly.


The fear burst out all at once.


“I love you too. I will never let you go.”


Tears streamed down my face as I smiled softly, and I was about to cry too, but I hugged her tightly, trying not to let her go. 


“Me too. Please don’t run away, okay?”


“Of course, Yuu-kun.”


Then I gently placed my own lips on the lips where her moist eyes met mine. 




Gently, just an overlapping kiss. A sigh escapes from Senpai.


“Yu…… uku,n”


“Rei, ka.”


I can smell the sweet scent of my senpai’s silky hair. I am sucked into her melting eyes. I am enveloped by her.


“Reika, do you want to go home?”


“Yes. Please.”


My senpai holds my hand.


I untie her hand and intertwine our fingers.


First, senpai takes the first step, then I follow, then I catch up, and we walk home side by side.






 I close the door to my room, turn my back to the door and kiss her, unable to resist.


“I’ve wanted to do this for a long, long time.”


“I’m sorry I kept you waiting.”


“Yeah, yeah, it’s okay. I love you.”






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