Ch 78

“Yu-kun. Hey, Yu-kun. Wake up.”




When I open my eyes, Reika’s face is just a few centimeters away. Reika smiles happily.


“Good morning… Mmhh!!”


“Hmm. Thu, hmm… puhah.”


“Nn… Reika. You’ve been too aggressive this morning.”


“…One more time. Just one more time.”


Reika begged so cutely, but then again, it didn’t end with just one time yesterday.


“I’m gonna be late for school. I’ll see you when I get back.”


“I can’t wait!”


It’s pretty bad if I don’t hold back too. I unconsciously seek out Reika. Since yesterday, Reika has already been acting like she’s off the limit. Well,…… me too.


“Then get me out of bed~”


“If you come over here…”




She jumps out of the bed vigorously and hugs me. Then Reika puts her hands around my neck and…… I almost kissed her again but…… 


“No. You can hug me. When you get home from school…… Okay?”


“Mwah. Mwah!


She looks at me with a disgruntled look on her face, but yesterday it became clear to me. I was convinced that if I didn’t get my act together, the two of us would….. probably flirting with each other all the time.


But still….. Even with a disgruntled face, she’s cute. Very cute.


“Hey?…… kiss me?”


Ah… isn’t it enough? Reika is very cute. But…


“Not,… good.”


“Mwah!! You did this to me yesterday.”


Reika blurted out something like that. Oh my god. She’s so cute!! She’s cute in that way, too!


“Just once, just once, right? Reika.”


“Yeah, but… can you make it longer?”


“Ha, ha, whew. I made it on time.”


“Just in time, Yu-kun.”


“Why are you so happy?”


“Because I’m with Yu-kun♪”


In the end, neither of us can stand it and it drags on, and we arrive at school just in time to be late. 


Then see you at lunch, okay?”




“See you later.”


I’m separated from Reika-senpai.


Haa……….. I can’t wait for lunch break.


“What’s the next class?”


“The next one is…… I think it’s Math II.”


The first hour is over. It was strangely long. Such a long class. I wish I could see her just for ten minutes during this recess. But I’m sure I won’t be able to see her for more than three minutes.


Haa. I want to see Reika. I wish I could see her.


“You’ve been staring off in a daze. Well, I guess it can’t be helped.”


“It can’t be helped. It’s too bad that Reika is so cute.”


“Mou,….. I love you, Yu-kun!


“Eh, nn……”


“Nn…… Puhah”


“…W-why is Reika here?”


“I don’t like having just lunch breaks.”


“Oh my god, you’re so cute.”


“Fufu. Nn, Stroke me more.”


I stroke Reika’s hair as she straddles me.


“Oi, Yuya, one half of a couple of bums. Look around you, and look at the time.”


Natsuki’s harsh words brought me back to my senses and I looked around. The boys gave me resentful glances, while the girls gave me heated glances and shouted “Kya!”


“Hey, hey, Omine-kun. I’d appreciate it if you’d refrain from doing that in the classroom.”


“Y-yes. I’m sorry.”


“Mou, Yu-kun. Look at me. Mmm.”


Then Reika turns her lips this way, closes her eyes, and waits for the kiss. Reika doesn’t care at all, or rather, she doesn’t care about anything at all anymore. It’s like that.


“Reika, it’s time to go, okay? Let’s go back to the classroom?”


“Mmm. If you don’t kiss me, I won’t go to class.”


“Ah, I can’t help it now.”




I kissed her softly, noticing how people looked at me. Reika still looked a little unsatisfied, but reluctantly left.






“Pull yourself together a little bit.”


“Excuse me………..”


It seems like I have to be strong after all.

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