D.F. Ch.16

Ch 16: First Collaboration Stream Part 3

I reconfirmed once again that humans tend to break down after eating delicious food.


“Wow!! This is delicious!? What is this, it’s amazing! Amazing, amazing, amazing!!”


With hands and feet fluttering, Raika expresses her thoughts with her whole body. The model on the streaming screen is also in a frenzy, making it clear how much emotion is exploding.

And it’s not just Raika. The managers and staff are reacting similarly. They’re trying to keep their voices down for the stream, but their subtle trembling is quite charming.

It’s such an enjoyable sight to watch that it makes you want to stop fanning the sushi rice involuntarily.


“This is the most delicious shrimp and crab I’ve ever eaten! Absolutely overwhelmingly delicious! Amazing, amazing!!”


︰She’s so cute and excited.

︰It must be really delicious.

︰You know, food from the middle levels of dungeons can seriously change your previous records once you taste it. There are even adventurers who risk their lives to obtain these ingredients.

︰When you think about it, can the things that humans have been selectively breeding really compete with genuine fantasy ingredients?


I see, I see. Looking at some of the comments, I can tell that the explorer cluster really understands. Since those who do it professionally will inevitably have the opportunity to eat dungeon-produced ingredients somewhere along the line, most professional explorers know that feeling of excitement.

That’s why it’s so much fun to watch. It’s great to see people who don’t have much to do with dungeons fall for dungeon cuisine. In fact, the pleasure of the feeling can be felt through the comments.


「Botan! Why is this so delicious!? It’s like the perfect combination of shrimp and crab! And it’s super high-end too!」

“It’s because it’s a dungeon ingredient. The taste is also an unknown flavor because it’s not like existing organisms in the first place.”

「That’s not fair! It’s a regulation violation! I won’t be able to go back to regular shrimp and crab anymore!」

“Even so, it’s hilarious how you can’t stop eating it.”

「I can’t stop at all…」


: They’re shouting with quite a bit of anguish, it’s hilarious.

: Is it really that serious?

: I guess it’s to be expected at first.

: They’re probably trying their best to keep quiet, but the staff are probably feeling the same way.

: Because they’re fantasy ingredients, they’re not bound by existing flavors. That’s why connoisseurs of fine food from all over the world are eager for them.


Wow, it’s amazing. They’re eating so eagerly, but you can tell they’re savoring every bite. Wait a minute, is Raika-san a little teary-eyed?

I thought they were a high-energy person, but I didn’t expect this level of excitement. This is just an appetizer, and as an ingredient from the middle layers of the dungeon, its rank as a food item is much lower than the main course.


“Hey, Raika-san? The main dish is coming up now, but are you okay with that state? You look like you’re tearing up. Are you going to cry for real from being moved?”

「I won’t cry! I’m not even crying now! I think spreading rumors like that is not good!」

“Well, it’s not a rumor…”

「It’s a rumor!」


Ah, yeah. Okay, okay, I’ll be quiet. Well then, let’s move on and take a break from using your chopsticks. …Oh, don’t make such a regretful face. I’m not going to take them away or anything.


「So, what’s the main dish?」

“… Was it so delicious that it made you frown like that?”

「I wasn’t frowning! Anyway, what’s the main dish?」


: Specialty Manufacturer

: weed

: Cute

: Children.

: This is a child.

: Expect more fanart of the Lolita version.


「Hey, wait a minute!? It’s because of Botan-san that you said something weird, right!?」

“I’m sorry.”


I’ll keep my thoughts on whether it’s a fair assessment to myself. It’s not getting us anywhere.

So, let’s change the subject forcefully by bringing out the main course. Here it is, don!


「…What is that?」

“It’s a tuna that drops in dungeons. To be precise, it’s a tuna-like creature.”

「A tuna-like creature?」

“It’s a monster, you see. It’s called a ‘Cannonball Tuna.’ It’s a fish-shaped monster the size of a cow that charges through the water at supersonic speeds like a cannonball.”



: It’s normal to die from that, right?

: What is that? It’s scary.

: It’s not a bullet anymore, but a missile?

: If a fish the size of a cow comes at supersonic speed, wouldn’t it have a pretty extreme force?


I see. I think it has the power to blow away about three houses at once. By the way, as its name implies, this creature, called “Cannonball Tuna,” travels in groups.


“Well, for now it’s toro. It’s a mix of otoro and chutoro from the belly part. It’s about 10 kilograms in weight.」

「Can I take a photo?」

“Sure. Also, go ahead and tweet it.”



Due to collaboration reasons, we cannot share a video this time, so please take a photo and help us spread it by sharing it on Twitter.


: I saw the tweet, but what’s with that huge fish!?

: You can tell just by looking at it that it’s tall!

: Are you really saying it weighs 10 kilos…? How many people is this for?

: Wow, amazing. This fresh red meat is hard to come by. And the gradation up to otoro is too vivid.

: This is definitely worth at least 4 million yen. No, it’s not strange even if it’s double that.

: I looked it up, but the highest grade bluefin tuna is around 70,000 yen per kilogram. And there have been cases where it was sold for hundreds of millions of yen in the first auction. …If it’s dungeon-sourced tuna, isn’t it dangerous in terms of price?


Oh, really? So that’s how much a bluefin tuna costs. Then maybe it could be even more expensive. It’s only the belly meat, not the whole body, and it’s 10 kilos. If it’s put up for auction, I feel like it could easily reach eight figures.


“…Without the festival pricing, it’s around 30 million yen, I think?”

「Wait, did I just hear something really scary? You muttered something scary, right!?」

“Okay, okay, calm down. Forget about the price and details. Here, have some vinegar rice and seaweed. And also, miso soup with crayfish.”

「No, I need to know the details…so, if it’s vinegar rice, then it’s sushi, right? It’s sushi!」

“It’s close, but not quite. It’s actually hand-rolled sushi that you make at home. I can’t make proper sushi, after all.”


Handling and processing fish is something I’m used to from combat in the dungeon, but it’s a different story when it comes to making sushi. Crafts that don’t involve the use of knives, for example, require training to be able to replicate them properly.

However, when it comes to seafood cuisine, sushi is often referred to as the king. So we settled for making hand-rolled sushi. …It’s fun to put your own shari (sushi rice) and neta (sushi toppings) on the nori (seaweed) yourself, so please forgive me for that part.


「So, are we going to use all of this as sushi ingredients? Only tuna?」

“Yeah, that’s the plan. There are packs of only tuna sushi at supermarkets, so it’s like an extension of that. We’ll keep cutting it, so feel free to eat as much as you want. Of course, the staff members can also have some.”

「I wonder if it’s better not to think about the details and just enjoy it…?」

“I can assure you that you won’t be able to think about the details. This is much more delicious than the middle-layer crayfish.”

「I don’t like that assurance!」


Sure. Then, let’s start cutting the fish.

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