Ch 79

“You know, Reika.”


“Fufu. Hehe, Yu-kun.”


Reika rubs her cheek against me and doesn’t listen to me at all. I pinch her cheek and pull it.


She’s in my room right now.


“Reika won’t listen to me?”


“I’m sorry, Yu-kun. I’m so happy right now, I feel like I’m losing control.”


“That’s………. Me too.”


“Mou,……. Yu-kun!! I love you.”


“Me too……. I mean, I’m going to make a rule.”


“What for? We don’t need any rules! We’re a school-approved couple, remember?”


That’s right. For some reason, it’s become known that we’ve been dating for some time now, and I’ve heard many congratulations from everyone and numerous comments about how we’re finally together…….. Sorry. I’m a slacker.




“If we’re a school-approved couple, I think we have to be moderate, don’t we?”


“We have a normal, normal, moderate relationship.”


“It seems to me that people around us don’t see it that way.”


Especially Natsuki told me. We’re flirting too much all the time. The sweet smell is all over the classroom, and I can’t help it. The chairperson of the committee strongly told us not to flirt in the classroom.


“That’s why I’m going to make a rule.”


“Eh, I’m still not satisfied even now. I can’t lower it any further.”


“No. It’s just the two of us.”


“But now that it’s just the two of us, we can make out a lot.”


Reika, who is sitting on top of me, turns around and straddles me. She hugs me and nuzzles her face into my chest, then I stroke her hair and she wriggles happily. 


“First of all, you’re not allowed in my class except for lunch.”


…… no.”


“Secondly, you’re not allowed to do anything more than cuddle during lunchtime, unless it’s just the two of us.”


“……. no”


“And lastly, when you go to and from school, come home with me, okay? I’ll be waiting for you if you need me.”




At the end, my girlfriend smiles, nods, and smiles. …… Hmmm. What should I do? I feel bad for my senpai, but I also don’t like causing trouble to everyone. In fact, I realized that we are usually in pretty bad shape because the committee chairman, Natsuki, and Yuka-senpai have asked us to do so. Or rather, I woke up. But, well… it doesn’t change the fact that Reika is so cute I can’t help it.


“Are you sure you can’t do it?”




Reika shaking her head reluctantly………. is cute, too. But what should I do?……….. ……….. …………. I just thought of one thing………… I think Reika would be happy with it. Well………… I’ll give it a try.


“By all means?”


“By all means.”


“Then………… I think Reika needs to be punished for not listening to me.”




I whispered in her ear and lightly brushed my teeth against her earlobe, which was right next to me. The touch is soft, and the coolness of the earlobe is pleasant to the lips, which are on fire from the kiss earlier.


A moment later…




She clings to me tightly and makes a startled, almost charming sound.


She calms down a little and looks up at me. Her eyes are a little teary, and her face is melting.


“More………… more?”


“Then, will you do what I say?”


“Yes. I’ll keep my promise to Yu-kun………. Punish me?”


“Okay. But just lightly.”




The next day, my heart was aching because she put up with me properly but with tears in her eyes.

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