D.F. Ch.17

Ch 17: First Collaboration Stream Part 4



Lift the belly meat lightly, then slide the knife in and peel off the skin. Divide it into akami, chutoro, and otoro. With that, the shaping is complete.

Next is making the sashimi. This part involves size, so cut it slightly larger and be a bit luxurious. Cut the fish in a direction perpendicular to the grain, and make sure the corners stand out. With that, the sashimi is complete.

Then, for the first and last parts, the shape will inevitably become distorted, so they are pounded and made into namero-style. Also, leave some of the bones intact to increase the quantity. It’s a bit boring to have just sashimi.

Then, mix miso and wasabi with the pounded meat and further knead it. When it becomes sticky, it’s done. This is a variation for changing the flavor, but it’s seriously delicious. If you put it on rice, the bowl will be empty in seconds.

Lastly, for the mouthfeel of the sashimi, use a spoon to scoop out the meat that was intentionally left on the skin. This is the true meaning of negitoro. Of course, sliced green onions are served as a condiment.

Then, serve it and it’s done. Of course, it will be delivered to the staff as well. Since there is a lot of it, wrap the unused bones in plastic wrap and put them in a space bag. It’s convenient to have a time-stop function in situations like this.


「Okay. So, it’s a luxurious tuna feast. It’s a hand-rolled sushi set.」

“Yes, but not exactly. I just found another point to nitpick right now.”

「And what is that?」

“By the time I was taken aback, the dish was already completed! Wait, let me take a picture so that the listeners can see it too! I’m also making extra for the staff members!”


: I saw a huge amount of weeds.

: Website……

: Wasn’t it too early to declare the start of cooking?

: Cooked food? Isn’t it the family heirloom of cooking shows︰It’s not like “here is what I did”?

: It is still fantasy cooking.


By the way, the cooking time is about three minutes. With sashimi, the process of cutting is about eighty percent of the work, so this is easy. If it’s just sashimi, it only takes about thirty seconds. Most of the work is making the minced meat and pounding it, and then there’s the time for plating.


“Well, never mind that, just eat up. It’s not very tasteful to be blabbering around in front of the food.”

「…It’s frustrating that I can’t argue back.」


As I watched Raika hold back her anger with a sullen expression, I couldn’t help but laugh.

While it was a sort of performance, I wondered how long she could maintain that attitude. I was really looking forward to finding out.


「Don’t grin like that. Geez…」

“Okay, okay. So, from left to right, we have otoro, chutoro, akami. And here we have negitoro, and there’s a mock namero over there.”

「Okay. Then I’ll start with the otoro.」


Taking a sheet of seaweed, placing a slice of fatty tuna on top, then adding a small amount of vinegar rice, and finally dipping it lightly in soy sauce, Raika takes a bite.



“How’s the taste?”


“Hey. Raika-san?”


“Oh dear. I suspected as much, but it looks like it’s no good, huh?”


: No response, huh?

: I’m laughing at the lack of reaction

: Even the model didn’t flinch lol

: Can you give us some feedback lol

: It’s too delicious to put into words

: As expected. If you feed something from the deep layers of the dungeon to someone who’s not used to eating dungeon ingredients, this is what happens.


No comments. No reactions. Raihi-san simply moves their mouth and savors the fatty tuna.

As expected, when humans eat something delicious, they break down. More precisely, they freeze from the overwhelming flood of information transmitted from their taste buds. And they become a machine that simply eats in silence.


“Raika-san, you’ve only had one so far, you don’t need to savor it as if you’ll miss it. Come on, eat up.”



: Oohhhh

: Don’t get on, Hanabi, go back!

: He’s like a devil that forces you to make choices you can’t go back on

: …Yamagami-san, are you perhaps an S?

: What was that bewitching line just now? I feel a little bit of M tendencies being aroused in myself.

: He’s definitely a villain who brainwashes and controls the character on the protagonist’s side. Thank you very much. TSKR

: I’m looking forward to hearing more of his voices in the future


It seems that a very rude misunderstanding has arisen in the comment section. It was just a little joke, or rather, I just urged them to eat quickly by saying “Let’s eat already” without any intention to offend.


“Hey, chat. Could you please not call me an “S”? I’m not like that, you know. I’m just doing a casual performance on this stream because I found a collab partner, that’s all.”


: Is it true?

: Nope. That vibe was real.

: Well, true sadists are generally unaware of their true nature.

: He sounded like he was really enjoying himself, so I don’t think he can deny it.

: If that’s what you think, then it must be true in your mind.

: I actually think there’s a decent demand for it, so just release the voice for now.

: But seriously, even though he tries to speak carefully during his streams, there’s a sneaky feeling that he’s a mischievous one. He can’t hide his true nature.

: The Hanabi serious crush brigade is expected to rage.

: Should we light a torch just in case?


What will people say about me? It’s like they really think I have an S side to me.

Also, please don’t try to start a fire on a whim. Please stop. I just remembered the existence of unicorns in the comments.


“Does this really ignite anything? But what else can I do? I mean, seriously, Raika-san has been silently eating since that one comment earlier. She’s become like a doll just making and eating sushi rolls. It’s making me want to give her a push. It’s like flipping a switch on a robot.”


: You have to say it like that!

: I knew you were an S person!

: You are a true S when you think like that.

: You are pushing people to the edge of the cliff!

: Torchlight

: You are so stupid!

: Deep down you are a bastard!

: Gaslight


That’s why I’m not trying to burn anything. It’s obviously just a joke.


“You know, we really have to turn this into a joke. The studio is currently in chaos. Not just Raika-san, but even the staff are silently eating tuna. It’s like when we eat crab, you can probably imagine what it’s like.”


: Ah-

: Indeed, there is no sound at all now. Until a moment ago, there were occasional noises.

: Hanabi was leading the “Itadakimasu” cheers, so it wouldn’t be strange if there were more cheers and such. It was like that during the “otoushi?” time.

: Crabs, huh. You end up eating them silently.

: You end up focusing on picking the shells.

: It’s all Yamagami-san’s fault for feeding us such deep-level ingredients.


Okay. I guess it’s my own fault for expecting something, but still… I was really looking forward to seeing how Raika would react.

But as a streamer, I also don’t want any broadcast accidents, so I hope everything goes smoothly.


“Well, it can’t be helped that even the reactions of Raihi-san and others are understandable. The bombshell tuna is so delicious that it’s no joke. As someone who ate it in advance, let me briefly explain. It’s not a novelty like a crayfish, but a type of tuna that is simply of high quality as tuna.”


The crayfish served as an appetizer had a taste and texture resembling a collective body of crustaceans. It was well put together, resulting in an exquisite delicacy.

On the other hand, the cannonball tuna is not like that. It is a traditional and straightforward tuna that boasts a violent umami flavor without showing off any particular eccentricity.


“The fat contains a punch of umami flavor from the fish, yet it’s not at all heavy. The texture of the flesh is delicate like silk, leaving a smooth sensation on the tongue and disappearing like snow.”


That’s why I don’t feel like I ate anything. It’s a strange fish that leaves only the sensation of deliciousness, and the more you eat, the more your appetite increases. It’s not a joke, it’s a lump of umami.


“Even the tuna that you would expect to be served at the highest-class sushi restaurant seems like the half-priced tuna you find at the supermarket. And not even properly bled, so it smells fishy. The quality is just on a completely different level. When you think about it like that, it’s easy to understand the result. You just eat it without thinking twice.”


: The example is totally messed up.

: You’re giving off a vibe like “oh well”, but you’re the root of all evil.

: I know what tuna is, but I can’t imagine it at all.

: Looks delicious. I really want to try it.

: The staff is so lucky. By the way, do you ever get jealous of other staff members?

: If I were a colleague of the staff, I’d seriously have the confidence to say some jealous words.

: Exactly.


“Comment: Don’t make a subtle and troublesome remark.”


 …For now, let’s inform everyone that the meal-type off-collab will become a regular event. As for the rest, we’ll leave it to the management side to adjust. Depending on the ingredients we handle, there might be no treats. If that happens, it’ll just be bad luck, right?


“Well, that aside. What should we do about the stream? It’s bad to interrupt while she’s eating in ecstasy. I was thinking of killing time with some casual talk until Raika-san comes back to her senses. There’s a joke going around among our genmates that our live tag is secretly called ‘Teppou-tai’ (Gun Brigade), but anyway. “


By the way, the origin is that I have a hunter setting and Raika-san’s name is Hanabi. Hunters use guns and fireworks contain gunpowder. So, because it’s related to guns and plural, it became [Teppoutai] (Gun Squad).


: You just said that so casually.

: Understood about the streaming tag.

: I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

: The name sounds dangerous, but both of you have some dangerous aspects, big or small, so I think it’s good.

: Please give us more of that kind of explanation.

: This streaming collaboration seems like a solo talk show, what kind of show is this w?

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