D.F. Ch.18

Ch 18: Future Plans

Although there were some minor troubles, the collaboration with Raika-san ended safely. And so, I was now able to collaborate with other senpais with great enthusiasm…


“I was scolded by the management to tone it down a bit, and as a result, collaborations related to cooking are prohibited for the time being. This is Denjilas’s Yamagami Botan”


: lol

: laughing since the beginning

: Did you get scolded? 

: Uhm, I guess it’s to be expected

: Even though it was a collaboration, the stream was mostly just one person chatting, which may have contributed to the trouble you received


Unfortunately, the strongest weapon has been sealed. It seems that it was because the tuna was too expensive. Although there were no legal issues, the psychological burden on the collaborating side was too great.

In fact, after the stream ended, Raika-san apologized profusely. It was like, “I’m really sorry for skipping the stream and just eating silently.” And also, “Thank you for preparing expensive food for me, it was delicious.” …I have to keep it a secret, but I was surprised to find out that she’s actually a serious person.

Anyway, the high-end image prevailed and it seems to have been quite a burden for the other party.

It is an item that is worthless unless it is released into the market, and it will just be left unused in my storage space until I feel like doing something with it, but I guess that’s just a difference in perception.


“Hmm, I thought they would be happy about it, but I guess not. They don’t need to feel sorry. I got permission to talk about it, but not only did Raika, but also the senpais criticized me harshly in the chat. When I said I would prepare something that matched the request, there was a chorus of ‘Please stop’.”


: This is so funny.

: Well, it’s obvious, right?

: A gift worth tens of thousands of dollars is not just “heavy”, it’s beyond that.

: What’s funny is how surprised he is.


By the way, the one who was most serious and earnestly refused was Miko-senpai. She disappeared from the comment section during the stream, and according to her own words, it was because she was scared off by the price of the offered item and was thinking about an apology letter.

That person is known as a rough and overbearing character on the stream, but in reality, she is very reliable. She’s friendly, but also the type who knows how to put her foot down when necessary.

With Miko-senpai leading the way, if everyone was so strongly hesitant, it wouldn’t be right to force them. It would be like pushing goodwill on them.


“Well, there’s no helping it if they say no. For now, I’ll stop serving dishes until everyone gets used to my sense. If we do collaborate, it will probably be more like connecting a normal call and doing something. … Besides, it was just an exception with Raika-san, and we don’t usually do off-collaborations very often.”


: That’s true.

: It shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but still, you know how it is.

: You haven’t given up, have you?

: It’s become quite a hassle lately, hasn’t it?

: Since LIVERA became successful with the female idol selling point, the tide has really changed.

: Even if you don’t sell yourself as an idol, troublesome people will still emerge.


Hmm. My channel has many new listeners, including overseas viewers and those outside the community, but it’s still a fact that many of them are knowledgeable about the VTuber scene. 

When it comes to topics like controversies or related issues, while there may be differing opinions, most of the voices are in agreement. … Especially the comments from long-time listeners, who are Denjilas supporters, carry weight. It’s like their bitter feelings are conveyed just through the words alone.


“That being said, apologies for the lengthy preamble. As announced earlier, today’s stream is a long-awaited casual chat. As our strongest weapon has been regulated, I thought we could discuss and brainstorm alternative options to use.”


: It’s been a while since we had a casual chat session.

: I actually like the relaxed atmosphere we used to have in the past, so I’m kind of happy about it.

: But when it comes to casual chat, there are always fewer people than usual. It’s particularly noticeable in comments from overseas viewers.

: Since the thumbnail says ‘Don’t cook’ in big letters, I don’t see any foreign language comments today.

: Cooking that transcends language barriers is definitely powerful.


Yeah, that’s true. As a VTuber who skyrocketed in popularity through cooking, my audience is naturally geared towards that direction. So if I stray away from that, my viewer count drops dramatically. It’s even more evident with foreign viewers who don’t understand the language.

That’s why I made a point to collaborate with Raika-san off-stream. Cooking was still the best way to guide my viewers to her channel.

But in the end, the management decided to call it off. I’m sure Denjilas was also struggling with the decision, but they ultimately decided that being too hasty wasn’t a good thing. After all, the path that leads to me is already established, so there was no need to force it.


“The first thing to note is that this issue isn’t a tense one. The management also had a wry smile reaction, and to be honest, I was a little grateful for that. I was actually thinking of reducing the frequency of cooking streams a bit. It was really tough, after all.”


: Oh?

: Oh, it’s difficult huh? Kind of unexpected.

: Well, all things considered, it seems like procuring ingredients and such would be difficult.

: The things we’ve been using so far were all ones that seem difficult to procure, so I guess there is a burden after all.


Okay. The atmosphere in the comments section seems to give off a sense of understanding, but it’s a bit different. As for ingredient procurement, it’s really not a burden or anything. The majority of the issue lies elsewhere.


“Um, I need to correct a misunderstanding. When I said ‘大半’ (majority), I didn’t mean the burden of ingredient procurement. Simply put, I’ve just gotten tired of cooking. Cooking such decent dishes is not something a guy living alone would frequently do.”


: Is that so!


: It’s a surprising thing to hear from a cooking streamer.

: But I kind of understand.

: Making home-cooked meals can be a hassle.

: Being able to cook and continuing to cook are two different things, even though they sound similar.


There are definitely people who empathize with that, right!? That’s right. Cooking is actually a hassle. Except for those who do it as a hobby or something, most people want to do it as easily as possible. It’s enough if the taste is moderately delicious.

Personally, that’s how I’ve been living my daily life. I can cook, but I don’t love it as much as a hobby. That’s why I mainly eat cup noodles and manly dishes, and sometimes even order delivery quite frequently.

For someone like me, is it possible to frequently make proper, visually appealing dishes for streaming? It’s inevitable that I started feeling it was a hassle.


“No, I’m really serious. I have to consider things like cooking time, difficulty, appearance, and so on. If I keep doing it at this pace, I’ll run out of ideas. Plus, eating at this frequency spoils my palate. I can’t enjoy regular meals anymore.”


: Ah…

: I kind of understand.

: Yeah, it’s true that you can’t eat high-end ingredients every week.

: It’s not good if it starts to affect your daily life.


That’s right. The dishes made with dungeon ingredients are delicious and I never get tired of them. But because they are so delicious, it feels like the baseline for happiness in terms of meals has been raised too high.

It’s kind of sad because I might not be able to enjoy junk food or eating out anymore, and it could be fatal in terms of socializing.


“So that’s why I want to reduce the frequency, but then the question is what to do as a replacement content. It’s quite a dilemma. As proven by the period before the fix, regular streams can be boring.”


The reason for the growth so far is solely due to cooking. In other words, if we steer towards orthodox streaming content here, there is a considerable possibility of alienating fans.


︰Hmm, I don’t think we should be so pessimistic about it.

︰It could be that the negativity was just due to the haters or his low visibility, but the situation could be different now.

︰He says he’s not good at talking, but he seems to be able to talk pretty well. Even without cooking, I’m interested in his stories about the dungeon.

︰I think normal game streams would be fine.


“Ah, thank you for praising my talk skills. But outside of the dungeon, I lead a pretty lonely daily life. I don’t really have any topics for small talk. And as for games… yeah, I can’t really put too much effort into them.”


As for games… It’s not like I hate them, but my skills are completely average. It doesn’t seem like it would make for good content. I mean, there are VTubers who are entertaining even with average skills. 

In my case, there’s a certain aspect of my physiology that’s a bit of a bottleneck. It’s just not fair, to begin with.


“When it comes to games, especially competitive ones, if I play normally it’s boring and just average, but if I try my best, I can beat most people. It’s because of my physical specs, and I can easily tell the difference in frame rate, and things like that.”


: Ah! So that’s the issue with being an adventurer!

: Yeah, it’s hard to get into games outside of a specific genre.

: You mean that thing that caused problems in the early days of dungeon sports and the E-sports scene? Yeah, that’s not good. It’s just asking for trouble.

: At the level of a mountain lord, even compared to regular people, their reaction speed is completely different. Even professionals can’t keep up.


That’s right. The foundation for explorers and ordinary people is fundamentally different. It’s a question of what happens when explorers, whose basic specs have been raised, participate in games designed for ordinary people.

To give an example from myself, I can easily recognize bullets and dodge them with ease. The difference in dynamic vision and reaction speed is that significant.

In fact, in the sports industry, people who have registered as explorers are often turned away. If it’s for personal enjoyment, that’s one thing, but standing on a proper stage is a no-go.

Even with the majority of streams, there’s a high possibility of being accused of cheating depending on the game. That’s why I can’t do it.


“Well, maybe that’s it. When it comes to entertainment value, maybe it’s better to talk about dungeon-related topics during the stream? It might be more understandable for general listeners if we explain things with videos or photos.”


: Oh, that sounds interesting.

: I’m really curious about the monsters that become ingredients for food.

: You casually say some amazing things, lol.

: Are you saying that even information from the deep levels is included!?

: Is this the one where the explorers scream!?

: Are you seriously saying that!?

: The listeners who seem to be part of the explorer cluster are getting excited…

: Oh, this is going to be a big deal.


Hmm, the response isn’t bad, is it? I only thought it would be a backup topic when my cooking fails, but it seems to have more demand than I expected.


“Alright, then let’s go diving into the dungeon again sometime soon.”


First, I have to buy a camera that can withstand exploration. And also, one with the best possible image quality.

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