Ch 80

“By the way, Yuya.”


“What is it? Natsuki”


It’s been quite a while since then, and it’s mid-December, when winter has completely set in. There was a cold wind blowing outside that made me hesitate to open the window.


“Have you, like, dated or something yet?”




Come to think of it.


I haven’t been on any dates since we started dating. The only things we have done are…… flirting, being together all the time, and…… Huh? Huh?


I don’t know, it doesn’t seem to have changed much. It’s just that the level of…… flirting has increased dramatically.


“By the look on your face, it looks like you didn’t.”


“Ugh. That’s right. What about you, Natsuki?”


“I’m doing pretty well.”


“I see.”


“Unlike Yuya, I’m flirting with her in a public place.”


“I’m sorry. You’re better now, aren’t you?”


“But I’m not.”


Yes, I have recently been cured. Because I promised.


But…… It’s very hard for this side, especially me. Because……




Reika comes to my class right after lunch break starts. She hugs me and tries to kiss me, but stops just before she does so and shuns me. Her aura of sadness overflows. I felt like she was about to cry already. “Uuu……. uuuuu” She groaned, looked at me, and complained, “It’s so hard. I want to do it.”


The other time was when we were on our lunch break together.


“Ehehe, Yuu-kun. Yuu-kun.” Reika happily sat on top of me.


“Yuu-kun’s hair is so smooth. And it smells so good” she says, sounding a little drunk, as she touches my hair.


“Reika always smells good too. Your hair is clean too…… I wonder if you’re keeping it clean for me?”


“Ehehe, yes. Touch me more. I don’t like it when you don’t touch me. And praise me more.”


Reika turns around and asks me to do so.


“Thanks, Reika. For me. …… But I don’t think you should get any cuter.”




“Because I won’t be able to stand it. Reika is so cute even now.”


I slowly stroke her head.


“Mou, Yuu-kun. I…… I think I’m at my limit. I can’t stand it.”


“Hey, no, no, Reika.”


“It’s nonstop! Yu-kun!”


Then I managed to convince Reika to follow the rules.


Gosh, my sanity is in danger like this. Besides, it’s mentally tough. My heart aches when Reika shuns me.


I see, so it’s a date. I can flirt with Reika as much as I want. Okay, I’m ready.


“Thank you, Natsuki.”


“Hey, I haven’t played with you lately, so let’s play sometime.”


“Yeah.I promise.”


As time passes, I return home and meet up with Reika. At the usual place.


“Ah, Yu-kun!”


“Sorry, I’m a little late. Shall we go?”




We start walking together and naturally hold hands. It’s already winter, so it’s a little difficult to walk, but we walk in a way that is almost like a three-legged walk. Both of us are naturally in step with the other.


“You know, Reika. Do you want to go on a date this week?”


“Eh!? Umm, yes. I will. Absolutely, for sure. Preferably on Sunday.”


“Eh? Well, okay.”


“Yay! Yu-kun.”


“Hmm? What is it?”


“Nothing. I just wanted to call you.”


“What’s that?”


I look at Reika with a “yes” and a “no”. Our eyes meet.


“I like it. It’s not like it’s nothing after all.”


I smile wryly and look forward. 


“…Me too.”



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