IBDOW Ch.81 – Reika’s side

Ch 81 Reika’s side

“Oh, what should I do? Aah, what should I do?”


I am on my way home from Yu-kun’s house.


Since I started going out with Yu-kun, my daily life has become even more fun. I mean, Yu-kun is cool, cute, kind, he spoils me, he spoils me, he spoils me… Yu-kun is just too good!


“Are you looking forward to it that much?”




Yu-kun asks from next door, tilting his head.


“Because it’s our first date, you know? Besides, that day is ….. It’s Christmas.”


“Eh? Ah, I see.”


“Mou, Yu-kun!! Remember, you have a girlfriend at least for Christmas!”


“Sorry, I’ve never had such a cute girlfriend before.”


“……. I love you, Yu-kun.”


“Me too.”


“Yeah, ehehe.”


Yu-kun’s honestly telling me that he loves me is the life force for me. I can’t live without it anymore.


“What should I wear?”


“I think you look good no matter what you wear.”


“Mou, Yu-kun, what do you want me to do in a place like this? Don’t praise me.”


Seeing me like this, Yu-kun chuckles.


“Yu-kun doesn’t know how much it helps me when you praise me honestly. That’s why I can’t stand it at school! So I think it’s all Yu-kun’s fault.”


“I see, so it’s my fault. I’m not going to be able to praise Reika anymore then.”


“…… Uuuu”


“Ah, okay, I’m sorry. So don’t cry.”


“Then, will you praise me properly at school?”




“Will you flirt with me at school? Kiss me?”


“Uh…… No, no, no.”




I want to flirt with Yu-kun more at school. Seeing me like that, Yu-kun smiles and says something like this in my ear.


“Well, let’s do it now.”




Then he kisses me. Then he looks forward like it’s nothing. Haa…… Mou, I can’t take it.








“Mou, Reika? We’re outside, aren’t we?”


“It’s okay! Don’t look at anyone but me anymore!”


“Nn……! Reika, stop! Stop! Stop!”




What are you talking about, Yu? I can’t stop. You’re the one who made me like this.


“Everyone will see it, right?”


“I don’t care.”


“Do you think I should punish you for being such an egomaniac?”


“…… Yes, I think so. Maybe it’s necessary……”


Punishment…… I can feel my cheeks heating up. Gently, I close my eyes.


“…The punishment will be during the date. Leave it to me until then.”


“……….Mou, mou! Yuu-kun’s messing with me.”


That’s how we got to my house. We kissed one last time and parted ways.


I gently trace my kissed lips.


“Let’s have lots of fun on our date. Yu-kun.”


When I said this to Yu-kun’s back, he turned around and waved at me.


I waved back as best I could.








The mumbling was not heard by either of them.

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