D.F. Ch.19

Ch 19: Thread discussing about Yamagami Botan

A thread to discuss the super hunter, Denjilas’s Yamagami Botan.


301 Anonymous Viewer:

Speaking of which, is Yamagami still in the dungeon?


302 Anonymous Viewer:

That’s right. He mentioned on Twitter that he plans to dive into the dungeon for about a week to gather material for his upcoming videos.


303 Anonymous Viewer:

It’s not something he’s doing just for the sake of content for his stream, though.


304 Anonymous Viewer:

Yeah, seriously. I hope he checks in with us to confirm he’s safe when he comes back.


305 Anonymous Viewer:

Exactly. Especially with the bad news this week, if Yamagami-san doesn’t come back here, it would be too sad.


306 Anonymous Viewer:

I can’t believe Uta-chan fell down the stairs while out and became unconscious…


307 Anonymous Viewer:

As one of Utachus, I still believe that tweet is a hoax.


308 Anonymous Viewer

It’s information from the official website. I understand your feelings, but you should give up.


309 Anonymous Viewer

After successfully completing the big spring project, this happens… It’s just too sad.


310 Anonymous Viewer

I’m worried about Tenten too. It seemed like they were playing together, right?


311 Anonymous Viewer

Probably. It’s unlikely that the official announcement would be made immediately after the accident, so there should be some lag time. Based on the schedules that can be inferred from Uta-chan’s and Tenten’s streams and from Uta-chan’s last tweet…


312 Anonymous Viewer

Moreover, Tenten has not tweeted anything since the day he went out. So it’s almost certain.

313 Anonymous Viewer

That’s the thing. I’m pretty sure during the stream, they said it was some kind of private gathering to celebrate and relax…


314 Anonymous Viewer

On such a happy day… To have a close friend and fellow rookie fall down the stairs in front of you and not wake up is traumatic beyond words.


315 Anonymous Viewer

It has been quite a few days since the accident happened, so I want to believe that they have overcome the worst of it…


316 Anonymous Viewer

I see what you mean. It’s also despairing in its own way. The fact that there has been no update from the official source means that the situation hasn’t improved. There’s a possibility that Uta-chan is still in a coma or a vegetative state, or something like half-body paralysis even if the situation is slightly better.


317 Anonymous Viewer

Please stop. If it ends like this, I’m gonna cry for real.


318 Anonymous Viewer

Please show us all the moments where the Laiva members are laughing again (tears).


319 Anonymous Viewer ID 〇〇〇

You guys, I understand how you feel, but let’s calm down already. It’s becoming too much to bear. Any further discussion is off-topic. This is a thread about Yamagami.


320 Anonymous Viewer

I really understand how you feel. After all, it’s about the future of a popular Vtuber from the largest agency. However, being off-topic is a violation of manners. If you are concerned about Utachan’s safety, you should go to a dedicated board.


321 Anonymous Viewer

Oops, sorry. I was getting a bit negative.


322 Anonymous Viewer

I’m sorry. We shouldn’t bring up topics about a certain streamer that are unrelated to this thread and create a negative atmosphere.


323 Anonymous Viewer ID:〇〇〇

It’s okay as long as you understand. I’ve said it many times, but I understand your feelings.


324 Anonymous Viewer

There may also be Utanchu and Tenkuumin here in this thread. There is no doubt that many people are worried.


325 Anonymous Viewer

But you know, while it’s true that it’s off-topic, I wonder what kind of reaction the thread owner or others would have if they come back? I think the thread owner wasn’t really a fan of V-tubers, right?


326 Anonymous Viewer

Ah, now that you mention it, I remember them talking about it during the stream. I don’t know if they were Utanchu or Tenkumins though.


327 Anonymous Viewer

If the thread owner turns out to be an Utanchu (Utaites fan), it would be quite a shock…At the very least, I’m confident I’d collapse on my knees


328 Anonymous Viewer

If I came back from a business trip overseas and found out my favorite idol was on the brink of death… Well, that would be tough to take.


329 Anonymous Viewer

I see. If it turns out that the streamer is a fan of Utan-chu or Tenkuumin, wouldn’t he do something to help out? He is known to be generous in providing high-quality ingredients and even donating dungeon-produced medicine, after all…


330 Anonymous Viewer

Ah, I understand what you mean. Yamagami-san’s impression is more like a jester or something like that.


331 Anonymous Viewer


You idiot. Don’t say things lightly. Such speculation is the source of trouble. There might be people who take it seriously, and if some fool tries to take advantage and set fire to it, what are you going to do?


332 Anonymous Viewer


That comment is the worst. Food ingredients and potions are vastly different in value. Unlike ingredients that can only be sold or eaten, potions are a lifeline for explorers that can immediately heal wounds and other ailments. Have you even thought about that? If that were the case, what would you do if people around Yamagami-san pressured him for donations? That would ultimately affect his life.


333 Anonymous Viewer


Besides, the fundamental assumption is that we don’t even know if the mountain lord has those potions or not. Even if he did, the asset value of that potion is worth tens of billions in that world. Even if you’re a fan, it would be too difficult to donate it to others.


334 Anonymous Viewer

The comments with a series of witty remarks are hilarious. Well, I do agree that it’s better to refrain from making careless remarks regarding this matter.


335 Anonymous Viewer


Regardless of the debate about the appropriateness of donations, I don’t think that Mountain Lord would be concerned about money.


336 Anonymous Viewer


Well, in this case, I think it’s more of a concern for Utachan’s side regarding money. I believe donations and crowdfunding are subject to gift tax. If they receive donations worth billions of items, do you think they can pay the taxes for that?


337 Anonymous Viewer

Oh! There is an issue with taxes. That means… Yamagami-san can’t be reckless about this.


338 Anonymous Viewer

Hmmm? I think I could get tax exemption for therapeutic donations and such, depending on how it’s done.


339 Anonymous Viewer

The tax issue can be complicated. Well, Utachan might be able to afford it at her level, but with over a million subscribers and everyone contributing through super chat or memberships… would that be enough?


340 Anonymous Viewer

Well, in any case, it’s all just our imagination. Since it’s not even clear if Yamagami-san has the medicine or not, it’s just a pointless “what if”.


341 Anonymous Viewer ID  △△△

… Looks like our fantasy didn’t end as a mere fantasy. Yamagami-san just tweeted about returning. And right on time, stepped on a landmine and is now engulfed in flames.


342 Anonymous Viewer




343 Anonymous Viewer


How did that happen!? How do you return from the dungeon and end up caught in a firestorm like this?


344 Anonymous Viewer

Did he say something wrong?


345 Anonymous Viewer


I saw the tweet… Why does Yamakami hit the exact spot where it’s no good like that?

346 Anonymous Viewer ID: △△△


…I don’t think it was a slip of the tongue. He didn’t do anything wrong, and under normal circumstances, his good deed would have been praised. But the timing was just too bad. That’s really all there is to it. He probably just returned from the dungeon and had no idea what was going on.


Below is a copy-paste of a series of tweets:


“I just returned from the dungeon. As I was walking home, a dying kitten fell from the sky. What is going on?


Anyway, I couldn’t just ignore it, so I used my backup high-level potion to save it. But since I saved it, I feel responsible for it until the end.


So, I’m taking a break from streaming today. I still have to edit some prepared material, so the next stream might be in a couple of days.”


347 Anonymous Viewer



348 Anonymous Viewer

As someone who loves cats, I want to applaud him, but the timing…


349 Anonymous Viewer

It’s probably a crow. They eat and kill kittens like that.


350 Anonymous Viewer

Hey, if you were going to use that spare high-level potion for a stray cat, why didn’t you give it to Utachan instead!? She might have been able to use it!?


351 Anonymous Viewer

Exactly, that’s what’s causing a huge uproar right now… Especially Utanchu is raging mad.


352 Anonymous Viewer

For Yamagami, it must be nothing but unreasonable, but this is just a matter of bad timing…


353 Anonymous Viewer

Hey, Yamagami… Why do you always manage to be the talk of the town like this?


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