C.C. Ch.14

Knob eating♡

“See you later! Yuri-kun!”

I’ve been giving Anna advice on her love life lately. Today, I listened to her again and left the place. Little by little, Anna was beginning to open up to me. She was giving me a relaxed smile again today. Now, it’s time to move on to the next step…

Since Marie and Al started going out, I’ve stopped forming temporary parties with them and have been working solo, taking it easy. Today, I finished my request while the sun was still high in the sky, and came to see Anna in the evening after her work was done.

On my way home from meeting Anna, I saw Linda walking through the city at sunset. She was the receptionist at the guild that registered me as an adventurer. She was apparently on her way home from work. She was wearing the adventurer’s guild uniform.

The intuition of my cuckold dick skills tells me that she’s currently frustrated. That’s all right. Let’s have a little nibble.

I called out to Linda, who was walking leisurely through the city.

“Hello! Linda!”

“Oh, hello, Yuri.”

Linda answers me with the smile of a mature older woman to a younger one. The setting sun made her eyes look very pretty. With her calm personality and charming gestures, she struck up a conversation with me.

“Would you like to have tea with me now?”

After a bit of lively conversation, I ask her out for tea. It’s a so-called pick-up

“Oh my. Yuri, are you trying to pick up your sister? But I’m sorry. Your big sister has a boyfriend, so I can’t take that kind of thing…”

Linda refused my suggestion, putting her right hand to her cheek with a troubled look creased between her brows. But I’m going to push her just a little bit more from here.

“I see. Linda’s boyfriend of choice, so he must be a good guy. Actually, Linda looked a little lonely, so I approached her, and I’m glad she seemed happy.”

I will melt her heart and create an opening.

“Ufufu. Thank you.”

“I wanted to have a cup of tea with a beautiful woman like Linda, but if she has a boyfriend, I have no choice. An older sister with a beautiful heart like Linda cherishes her boyfriend.”

“Ufufu. Yes, I do care for my boyfriend. Sorry~”

“But thank you for talking to me! It was the best memory I’ve ever had.”

“Oh, really? … Hmmm, I think I’ll have a little tea with Yuri. You’re very kind, so I’m going to give you a little something in return.”

Her heart melted a little bit for me, and she made the choice to follow my invitation. Now, let’s melt her heart even more from here.

“Yes! It’s such a great day to have tea with you, Linda! I recently found a fancy place, we should definitely go there! I’m so glad my dream came true!”

I exaggerate my joy and show her that I am happy to be with her. In this way, I stimulate Linda’s desire for approval.

“Ufufu. You’re a boy too, aren’t you? But it’s just tea. After that, you’ll have to become more manly♡”

Feeling good about my words, Linda starts to provoke me. It seems that her heart is starting to feel closer to me. Now, one more push.

“‘Haha. I’m just going to have a little tea. There’s nothing to it. It’s all about you, Linda. Come on, this way! Let’s go!”

“Yes. Yuri, you’re such a gentleman.”


Pang♡ Pang♡

“Yuri, your cock is so big♡”

I was visiting Linda in the room where she lived and having sex with her. I wonder how many adventurers have dreamed of her this way.

In the missionary position, she was looking up at me, opening her legs and tasting my cock as I pumped it in and out of her pussy. And the proof is in the drooling, warm love juices that keep spilling out of her vagina hole.

“Your big sister will cook dinner for the gentleman, Yuri♡”

I was just happy to have tea with her like a naive boy, but Linda, being older than me, was tickled by my sense of superiority, and she invited me to her room after tea. After I had eaten Linda’s home-cooked meal, I decided to enjoy hers as well.

“Yuri ate me up♡”

Linda was happily having sex with me with a charming, mature smile on her face. Her large, estimated F-cup tits were squishy and softly swaying in time with my pistoning motion!

“Is your boyfriend okay?”

“It’s okay♡ since he started going out with me, his attitude suddenly became bigger and he’s been ordering me to do this and that♡”

“I didn’t know that. That must have been tough.”

While listening to Linda complain about her boyfriend, I put my cock in her pussy and stirred her vaginal flesh into a sizzling mess. As I used the pleasure to melt her pussy, I smeared Linda’s mind with pleasurable words.

Nupo♡ Nupo♡ Nupo♡

“I like it♡ I like it♡ I like it♡ I like it♡ I like it♡”

I found out from her that she has a day off from work tomorrow, so I started to pump harder and Linda’s vision turned completely white.

“I’ll have sex with you and make you forget everything you hate about Linda.”

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

Her heart melted with each thrust of my cock into her pussy. Her vaginal walls swell as I carefully rub up against her glans, and her vaginal cavity overflows with sticky, white, bubbling juice.

Zupu♡ Zupu♡ Zupu♡ Zupu♡

“Yuri’s cock is so♡ hot♡ I can’t think straight♡”

The next thing I knew, we were having sex in the missionary position, hands clasped in a lover’s embrace. Linda opened her legs comfortably, and she’s crazy about my cock.

Her moist, beautiful brown eyes were already dim and cloudy with the pleasure of sex.

Top♡ Top♡ Top♡

I continued to kiss her as I poured my semen into Linda’s womb. She was bewildered at the sight of my unauthorized semen in her pussy, but she was staring into the void, looking pleasantly surprised.

“If we have a baby, you’ll be a daddy, right?”

After the sex was over, Linda came back to herself as my cock was pulled out of her pussy, and she gave me a sissy look of condemnation. She’s sitting on the bed, semen dripping from her crack, making a stain on the sheets.

“I can use birth control magic.”

As I say this, I cast a contraceptive spell on her. With this, Linda will never get pregnant today. I continue to seduce her into pleasure.

“If you become saffle with me, you’ll have lots of good feelings, just like before, okay?”

When Linda heard my words, she gulped and swallowed her spit. She seemed to remember the feeling of the semen that had just been spurted into her pussy. I stared into Linda’s beautiful eyes and quietly waited for her answer.

“…Ufufu♡ Don’t tell anyone♡”

After a bit of hesitation, Linda’s face changed from that of a mature woman to that of a sex-crazed female, and she licked and sucked my cock, which was now smeared with her love juice and semen, and made me cum. Her eyes become cloudy again as she gets lost in my cock.

Chupa♡ Chupa♡ Chupa♡

After confirming that my cock was erect, Linda lay down in the missionary position again and snorted as she invited my cock in. Her pussy was covered in semen and love juice from the previous sex, and her eyes were slowly becoming dirty as she spread her hands and waited for my cock.

“I don’t like it when you don’t make me feel good♡”

“Of course.”


“Ah♡” Top♡ Top♡ Top♡

Thus, Linda and I became a saffle.

From that day on, new stains were created by her and me on the sheets of Linda’s bed in her room. The stains gradually spread, erasing the memories of the past from Linda’s room.

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2 years ago

What is saffle supposed to be? Sex friends?

2 years ago
Reply to  Noih0

Perhaps you should edit it then?