C.C. Ch.20

A scene in the workshop.

“Hey! Are you there?”

I was visiting Mu-san’s workshop today to have my weapons cleaned. Afterwards, while I was having a conversation with Mu and being served tea in the back living space, I heard an arrogant man’s voice coming from the store

“Oh no! Yuri, hide!”

I followed Mu, who was in a great hurry and apologetically asked me for a favor, and I decided to hide in the back and sneak around to see what was going on.

“I’m the only one who’ll take a mixture like you, so come faster!”

I hear the bad words coming from the store. After a while, a dejected looking Mu comes back into the living space and apologizes to me while forcing himself to act cheerful.

“I’m sorry I showed you such a shameful place, Yuri. I’m sorry.”

She had a short cut of silver hair and blue eyes, and she smiled sadly at me. Still, he is a typical mob man, but is that normal in this day and age?

When I talked to Mu, she told me that he was kind to her before she got engaged. As soon as they were about to get married and Mu decided that she couldn’t run away from him, her fiancé became arrogant and started to deny her.

To top it all off, she changed the name of the shop to her husband’s name, and even said that all sales would be managed through his commercial guild account. Mu was at a loss as to how to deal with her fiancé’s change.

“Well, I’ll take care of it.”

I tell her that, and give Mu a video recording sphere that I had made for a different purpose, and advise her to secretly record her husband’s behavior with it.

The video recording sphere is a crystal that, when passed through magic power, can record images of the vicinity for a while, and the recorded images can be checked later.

I further used my otherworldly dictionary skills to search for the Dean Trading Company, which is run by the man who is Mu’s fiancé. It turned out that the Dean Trading Company was dealing in illegal goods behind the scenes. The Otherworldly Dictionary may be an extraordinary skill to know such a thing!

I showed the whole town that he was abusing Mu, stole the evidence of the illegal trade from Dean’s company, and scattered it all over the place, and the mob man, Mr. Mew’s fiancé Dean, disappeared safely from the city of First!

“Thank you!”

Mu, who was smiling because she was able to protect her shop, had a victory party and a heartbreak party at Rize’s shop. Incidentally, it seems that the Dean Chamber of Commerce was also harassing Rize-san’s shop, which is located near the bar that the Dean Chamber of Commerce had opened, on the grounds that it was a rival shop. But with Dean’s disappearance from the city, the sabotage disappeared, and Rize’s shop came back to life.

“This is my way of thanking you!”

I received a beautifully crafted sword from Mu as a thank you for this time. I could tell at a glance that this was a good sword. It was also beautiful. I immediately apply my appraisal skill to the sword she gave me.

Silver Sword +5

“That sword is the best sword I can craft right now. When I’m more skilled, I’ll thank you again, Yuri!”

Mu was smiling at me.

“Well, thank you for your time today…”

After the victory party, I walked Mu home. The sun had already set and it was completely dark.


When I dropped Mu off in front of the workshop that was her home, she stood tall and kissed me. She touches my lips, and there’s a little bit of alcohol mixed in with the rest of her scent.

“Ehehe♡ This is for you, too♡… Is that a little too exciting for you, Yuri?”

Mew looks at me with a mischievous older sister look on her face and a smile on her face. It seems that Mu is teasing me, thinking that I am a naive boy who is only 15 years old in this world.

“…See you later♡”

Mu opened the door and walked into her house. But there was no way I was going to miss this chance. I hug Mu-san’s body and return her kiss as a thank you.

Chupa…♡ Chupa…♡ Kuchu…♡

“Yu, Yuri-kun?”

Mu was confused by my kiss, but as our lips met, her eyes grew wet with a confused look on her face.

Jurururururu♡… Jururururu♡ Jururururururu♡

I didn’t care about her confusion, I enjoyed Mu-san’s mouth so much. With my arms around her slender waist and back, I sucked up her soft tongue, gobbled up her saliva, and tongue-fucked her mouth relentlessly until Mu-san’s head couldn’t think of anything else!

“Hmm…♡ Hmm…♡ Kuu…♡ Ah…♡”

A sweet sound began to mingle with Mu’s breathing. Her breath is damp and hot, and she is in a position as if she wants more of my tongue in her mouth, and with her eyes squeezed shut, Mu-san turns her pretty face upwards.

“Someone’s gonna see us…♡ Oh, my God…♡”

I pulled my lips away from hers just as Mu’s brain was thawing out. Mu’s body, which had been slumped under the strain, had lost all strength, and she clung to my body with trembling hands as she hugged herself to my chest.

Mu’s lips, which had just finished kissing, were wet and puffy, and had a bewitching sexiness to them. It’s irresistibly erotic. I wondered if she was still regretting kissing me, but there was still a clear thread of saliva hanging from her lips.

“Shall we go to the bedroom?”

I call out gently to Mu, who is dumbfounded, with her blue eyes wet.


Mu-san, who heard my words, nodded silently with a bright red face. She was holding my clothes with her small right hand and looking embarrassed. I gently took Mu’s small body, only about 140 centimeters, in a princess hug and carried her to the bedroom.

I take advantage of the opportunity she presents me with to eat her body.

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