C.C. Ch.21

With Mu

“I can’t believe I’m going to have this kind of relationship with you, Yuri…♡”

Lying stiffly on her back on the bed, Mu, with her silver hair shortcut and blue eyes, is laughing at herself with a troubled look on her face.

On her chest, she had large breasts that didn’t fit her small body and looked plump and delicious. I grabbed Mu’s beautiful big tits with my left hand and squeezed them gently and softly.


Mu lets out a sweet exhale. She looks up at me from the bed with moist eyes as I squeeze her breasts. Gazing gently into her moist eyes, I touch Mu’s soft, slippery side with my right hand, then trace my fingertips around her navel, tickling it, and gradually move my palm down to her private parts.

“Dwarf girls don’t have hair on their pussy♡, and to me, it seems more strange for the human race to have hair down there.”

As I playfully press my fingers against the slippery bank of her loli pussy, Mu-san laughs and tells me about her body’s features in a troubled way. Mu’s pussy had no pubic hair at all.

As I listened to her explanation, I enjoyed the feel of Mu’s pubic mound and the smoothness of her pussy, which was free of any hair, even around her labia.


My finger opens up her beautiful pussy and I slide my finger down her crack and she lets out a cute little squeal. Her pussy is moistened with a thick layer of love juice, and I spread it over her labia with my fingers, gradually loosening her pussy.


When my middle finger touched Mu’s tiny clit, she slumped down and let out a sweet gasp. I listen to Mu’s heated breath as I gently massage her pooch, turning it gently so that it feels very good.

“Ah♡ ku♡ Uuu♡”

Mu’s clitoris is so sensitive that she twists and turns and moans with pleasure while my fingers play with it. She clutched the bed sheet tightly with her right hand, while with her left she covered her mouth in embarrassment.


I nuzzled my face into Mu’s crotch, and when my lips sucked her clit into my mouth, Mu’s body jerked and shuddered as she squealed in surprise. I pressed my face hard against Mu’s crack as I listened to her sweetened voice and cunniled her slippery pussy.


While I was playing with Mu’s clitoris with the tip of my tongue. I started sticking my finger into her vaginal hole and picking at the squishy flesh inside, Mu started to stretch her legs out with her big thighs open. Then she squeezed the bed sheet with both hands in that position and came with a nice spasm as she slumped over. My two fingers, buried in Mu’s vagina, tighten around her vaginal flesh.

“I’m going in.”


Looking down at Mu-san, who had just come and was slumped and weak, I placed my penis at the entrance of her slippery pussy. I push my dick forward a little bit, and it feels like I’m expanding a ring of flesh at the entrance to Mu’s pussy. Mu-san, with her big tits dangling from her tiny body, was looking up at me with a cute face.


“Are you sure you want me to do this?”

Just before taking my dick into her pussy, Mu smiles at me with an unsure look on her face.

“Mu, you look beautiful.”

I thrust my hips forward slightly and slowly pushed my penis into her pussy while answering Mu’s question.


The tip of my penis buries itself slightly in Mu-san’s pussy. I stopped in this position and cast a contraceptive spell on her body.

“I can use the magic of birth control. So you can play with me as much as you want, Mu.”

“I see…”

Mu looked a little sad and crying, but she said that back to me.


The tip of the glans, which was gradually buried in Mu’s pussy, touched some kind of membrane in her pussy. Mu was a virgin. I’d heard she was much older than me, and from her demeanor I’d assumed she’d had some experience.

“Was that a surprise? I’m a raw girl too, and I’ve been saving these things for when I get married…♡”

Mu smiled at me as if the prank had worked. I was grateful for my good fortune. I’m going to take her virginity without reservation.





My cock buries itself in Mu’s pussy with a throbbing sensation. The inside of her petite cunt was small and tight. However, as a mature woman, Mu’s vaginal flesh was entwined with my penis in a nasty way.

“I’ve had sex with Yuri…♡”

When my penis was half buried in Mu’s pussyy, she called out to me in satisfaction. I looked down at her and pushed my penis further into Mu’s pussy.


“…All the way in♡”

Mu, who has a petite body and opens her crotch, is enchantedly moisturizing her eyes while looking up at the ceiling. Mu’s pussy became a woman with my cock.

“…It’s okay, you can move if you want♡”

Mu-san calls out kindly to me, but she teary-eyed from the pain of her rupture. I cast a restorative spell on Mu’s cunt to make it more resistant to the coming extraction.

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

“Ah♡ Ah♡… Oh♡ This… Oh♡”

Mu, who had started to have a huge cock inserted and removed from her small body, began to scream with pleasure as she slumped over. She didn’t seem to be bothered by the pain of her episiotomy and seemed to be able to enjoy sex with me. I was relieved and continued to have sex with Mu.

“Oh♡ Ho♡… Oh♡”

Mu’s petite, loli body was too tight for my huge cock, and she was making moaning noises. However, Mu’s pussy was overflowing with love juice, and her vaginal walls were sucking on my rod with every thrust of my cock.


I gradually increased my pistoning motion into Mu’s pussy, who was probably getting used to having sex with me. Mu-san’s legs were open and her arms were spread out as she was squeezing her pussy as my cock slid in and out of her pussy. The big tits between her arms are moving up and down.


I put all my weight on Mu and crushed her womb in a seeding piston press. Suddenly, Mu, who had been acting like a sissy while having sex with me, started to squirm frantically.

“Oh♡ Something’s coming♡ Something’s coming♡”

Shaking her head violently from side to side, Mu clutched the bed sheet tightly and opened her legs in a feeble attempt to escape the pleasure that was rising from her cunt, but I would not let the pleasure go.

“Ngh…♡ cumming♡”

Mu’s eyes are almost white as she experiences her first ever orgasm. And it was a deep come. Mu-san, who had been bobbing her body with pleasure, woke up and clung to my body in a big hug while her consciousness was fading. I just poured my semen into Mu’s pussy.

Dopu♡ Dopu♡

“It’s awesome♡ I can’t stop myself from cumming♡”

Mu’s cheeks are flushed red as she moves her hips in a pleasurable manner, tasting the man’s semen pouring into her pussy for the first time. Now Mu has become an adult woman not only in mind but also in body!


I pulled my cock out of Mu’s pussy with a slurping sensation, and as if a cork had been pulled out, a thick white liquid dripped from her vaginal hole.

Mu’s loli pussy is now a grown woman’s pussy, smeared with my semen and her love juices, as she sits motionless with her legs open in a daze.

“Did my pussy feel good?”

After the sex, she changed her face to that of a grown-up woman and asked me again with a mischievous look on her face.

Goso♡ Goso♡

“Ah…♡ Oh my god♡”

I pushed her down on the bed again and screwed my cock into Mu’s pussy in the missionary position again and started the second round.

Zuchu♡ Zuchu♡


I slid my cock in and out of Mu’s pussy, which was soggy from the mixture of my semen and her love juices. Mu’s tight, narrow vagina hole was expanding with my cock.

“Oh, my God♡ Ooh, my pussy♡ I’m going to lose my mind♡”

Mu is screaming half-crazy as she is being crushed by my seeding piston position again. Hearing her words, I decided to try out my cuckold cock’s new ability.

When I put pressure on my cock, the glans swells up and the flesh warps deeper. The effect is modest, but it allows my cock to gouge her pussy and catch on the vaginal flesh as I pull out. This would increase the pleasure of the girl being pistoned by me many times over. And by the way, if I swell the glans even more, I can make it absolutely impossible to pull my cock out of her pussy.

“Ah♡ Ahhhh♡ Yuri-kun, this is♡ … It’s amazing!”

As I hooked my cock into Mu’s vaginal wall, she started to squirm like crazy. Mu seems to be very comfortable with me doing this to her. When I saw how good she was feeling, I kept my cockhead swollen and rubbed her pussy even harder.

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

Mu came with a beastly scream. She is breathing deeply, her face in a daze of pleasure, and her vision is now foggy with pleasure. I decided to pour a lot of semen into Mu’s pussy again, matching her twitching climax.

Topu♡ Topu♡

“Oh my god♡ This is so good♡”

Mu’s blue eyes, clouded with pleasure, stared into the void as I pumped my semen into her womb. She seemed to have reached some kind of threshold, and her body was shaking uncomfortably.

“I’m getting messed up by your dick, Yuri♡.”

Mu was mumbling something in an acme voice, dumbfounded by her ahegao face. I decided to corrupt her here. I poured more and more semen into her pussy to lead her further into the world of pleasure.

Dopu♡ Dopu♡

“I’m so full, I can’t take it anymore♡”

Mu begs, but I won’t stop

Dopu♡ Dopu♡

“Oh my God♡ my womb is so full of your cum♡”

Her belly swelled up little by little as the semen that couldn’t get out because of the plug on my swollen glans kept accumulating in Mu’s pussy.


She starts to suffer as if she’s drowning in my semen, but I don’t stop pouring my semen into her belly yet.


Mu’s belly swelled up as if she was pregnant. I carved a lewd mark on her belly, just below her navel.


The moment I carved out my lewd pattern, my semen that continued to accumulate in her stomach turned into an intense pleasure, and Mu’s body slumped and convulsed as she made an ahegao face. But that didn’t stop me from cumming.

“Ahh♡ I love this♡”

Mu smiles happily as her blue eyes, which until today had shone brightly, darken and cloud over. Her lewd crests rapidly turned pink as I filled her stomach with a large amount of my semen. Her belly was already swollen like it was on its last month.

“I’m cummingggg♡”

The moment the lewd crest was completed, Mu climaxes with a thump and a whimper.  When I pulled my penis out of Mu’s pussy, a huge amount of semen overflowed from her belly where the meat plug had disappeared

.Byuru♡ Byuru♡ Byuru♡

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

As her vagina contracted, a large amount of sloppy semen flowed out of Mu’s pussy like a fountain!

“It’s full of your semen…♡”

With my semen dripping from her pussy, Mu continued to stare into the void with dark eyes and a happy face.

“Oh♡… You’re in again♡”

I screwed my penis into Mu’s pussy once again, and started the third round in the missionary position.

Mu, who was carved with a lewd crest, had a loving look on her face. She was sucking my dick into her pussy and tasting it. I looked down at Mu’s face and gave her more of my cock.

Topu♡ Topu♡

“This… feels so♡, so good.”

This is how my lewd crest was engraved on Mu’s body as well.

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