L.G. Ch.14

Our Important place.

Futaba-senpai flinched as Hafuru-san held out her hand, asking for the key.

“Well… I’m the one who found this key.”

“How many do you have?”

“There are two… keys.”

“You can use one of them… or else.”

“Or else?”

“I’ll press charges.”

She said, looking up at us.

“If you don’t give me the key to the roof, I’ll press charges against the teacher.”


“In exchange. Give me the key and I’ll let you off.”

“No, no, no.”

Futaba-senpai put her hands on her face and said in a flustered tone.

“It’s awful. It’s too much.”

“I won’t make it worse.”

“It’s just a threat, this…. What should I do… Narumi-kun?”

With a pale face, Futaba-senpai rubs up against me.

“Our resting place is…”

“Hafuru-san can pick his way in, right?”

“It’s a pain in the ass.”

Hafuru-san was silent and held out her hand. She doesn’t seem to be ready to give up.


It’s no use.

It’s better than being accused. I pulled my own keys out of my pocket and handed them to her.

“I’ll give you mine.”

“Sorry and thank you.”

“You’ll give it back to me when the experiment is over.”

“I understand.”

With a look of satisfaction on her face, she grabbed the key and looked down at her computer again.

On the other hand, Futaba-senpai grabbed the sleeve of my uniform and said in a completely unnerving manner.

“What are we going to do about…? This way, Narumi-kun won’t be able to get onto the rooftop…”

“Don’t worry. Most of the time, Senpai is there first. Just open the door when I knock and I’ll be fine.”


She flicked his eyes a couple of times and then punched her hand.

“That’s true, too.”

“I’ll knock twice at short intervals, then twice at longer intervals, so you can tell it’s me.”

“It’s cool, like a secret code. You’re smart, Narumi-kun.”

She patted my head, as if she was praising a child.

“…Senpai is too upset.”

“I’m upset. Because this place is important to us.”

She smiled at me.

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