I don’t know how much time had passed, it might have been a long time or it might have been a short time.

But by the time I regained consciousness, I was feeling weird because I felt something like a big headache, and for the record, I didn’t have a head, shit! I didn’t even have a body and I was aching all over. Ha! It’s because you’re a cunt Alex. A cunt.

Who, by all the Gods of those 12 planes, who would even think of asking to be reincarnated in a Hentai, eh, who?

What a shame, what a shame!

Ah, I’m blushing, I’m blushing.

Haaa, Haaa breathe breathe, it’s okay. Haaa.

When I was calmer, I was able to better analyse what the “headache” was.

What was happening is that strange knowledge was being shoved straight into my “brain”. Well, I don’t have a body, how can I have a brain, but that’s what it felt like.

Then I instantly looked in all directions trying to see what was around me and even to see that it was me, because I realized that I was in a clearing of green grass with a forest nearby and surrounding the place. I assumed that this was the Legendary Asora.

And apparently, I was a floating white ball…

Yes, a floating white ball…

A big, white hair-

Shit! Shit!

I was about to curse even the previous generation of the Goddess of Reincarnation because I thought that she had not fulfilled my wishes when I saw what this “information” was that had been implanted in my mind.

It was much messier in my mind, but the point was this:

My soul was directly sent into an alternate dimension, something like a white space, and it was not that white light (alternate dimension) coming towards me, but it was me that was being pulled towards it, but not having a body, I was not aware that I was being pulled.

Here in this space, the wishes I had asked for were mixing in me like 4 smaller lights.

Instantly the space of Asora was created, a bit small as the “energy” I had at the moment was very little, and as far as I can see, this space is growing together with my “energy”. At least it is the same as in the novel and this calmed me down. If I looked at it, it was more like a space of a forest, grassy clearing and a small stream a little further on in the middle, and it was about 50×50 meters in total if I said so.

The next thing was that I had Sirzechs Lucifer’s body exactly as it had appeared in the anime, like he was a corpse lying on his back underneath me.

Yes, the bloody corpse-like body is underneath me, yes, perfect.


That aside, I quickly looked at the body and I could immediately notice something.

Every time I read a Fanfic, it was always difficult for me to imagine how flesh and blood people were introduced into anime worlds, that is to say, how it was seen from their point of view.

And what I saw was quite strange to me because, it’s not like I’m looking at someone in the normal world, it’s like looking at someone animated in 3D but so, so well done that they looked real. It’s kind of like as if Sakimichan’s wallpapers have life in them. Seriously, I can’t find a better description.

So based on the knowledge I already had, I found myself updating the body and putting the finishing touches to it. The first was that apart from being quite attractive, he was a bit skinny. I imagined it in my mind and as if by magic the body was changing according to my thoughts. I gave him muscles that are a bit bigger and at the same time compact, because before the body looked very good and athletic, now he looked like an Adonis. The face I gave a few finer touches but trying to give it the essence of my previous body, I only chose the best of the two, now he looked like a… how they say…


Ah, I know, a Riajuu!

No wait, those were the ones that exploded….

Ah, right, apparently these kinds of people, the “Riajuu”, should explode….

I imagine that in the army they would serve as grenades or something like that….

… As they exploded…



No, I remember, it was a “Bishonen”, a “Bi-sho-nen”.

I don’t like the Bi part but well, at least this kind of person stands out quite a lot.

I also gave him blue eyes, I always liked these eyes, and now especially because it contrasts with the crimson hair.

Now there was only one thing left.

Imagine yourself in this situation: You can change your body in any way you want… you have already given details to the whole body in general, except for your little brother, the “Donguer”, as mentioned in the novel The Strongest System, can grow as tall as a brave soldier, or he can be as small as a child….

Suddenly, a number came to my mind, 22…

Yes, that was quite an attractive number, apart from the fact that it was fate, since before I died I only had two months to go before my 22nd birthday.

Yes, 22.

Well… having finished the last update of the body, only the most important thing was left to be done…

I quickly took a long breath, and flew to the body below.


A strange noise happened and I found myself slowly regaining bodily functions.

Still lying down, I slowly opened my eyelids and began to open and close my hands to feel.

It was great to feel the warmth of my body again.

But I quickly realized something, because of the purity of this body, I had surprisingly more strength, much more strength than my previous body, and that I was going to the gym quite a lot.

I quickly controlled myself and kept thinking about the other things on my brain.

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