Ch 5


I said and suddenly I saw letters and numbers coming out that were only seen in the retina of my eyes.

[*Name: Alexander Smith.

Race: Human.

Vitality: 20.

Strength: 10.

Energy: 15/100.

*List of Skills:

-Creation (EX): Create that which is within your mind.

-Photographic Memory (EX): You will not forget what your eyes have seen.

-Asora (EX): A natural dimensional space directly connected to your energy.

-System (1.0): A simply different way of viewing, processing and executing data. Available spaces: Status, Inventory, Office]


A system, made by me…

I put all those letters…


So, let’s analyze

First, everything is normal, I put it to make it look more or less a little simpler, but still a video game.

Vitality refers to a person’s lifespan, it puts in strict numerical values how healthy they are.

Strength refers to the physical effort to which you can subject yourself, and that which you can exert in numerical values. At this moment and with this body, I have realized that I have approximately twice the strength that I had in the previous body, that is, before I had a value of 5 units of strength, which was a little more than normal for a 21-year-old person.

And Energy is the total value in units, or points as I like to say, that I have. I realize that when I have 10000 Energy points, I will be able to open a dimensional slot and visit other stories.

And there is no doubt about the skills. Those of (EX) mean that they can’t be improved, that I already mastered as if to breathe.

And the (1.0) after the system I left it, since in the future I plan to update it as if it were a new version of Windows.

And well, I have left only these three spaces in the system, since they are the only ones I will need in the future, I had thought of making a store, but it is not necessary since instead of buying, I can just create the skill and that’s it.

The office is the space I will use to create new skills on top of existing ones, or even to merge two or more Skills.

And the inventory is for both created and uncreated objects, although you can not store life, it is possible that in other updates will allow it.

For now, I’ll have to be careful with all this power, as these types of people who rely on it end up getting screwed in inexplicable ways.

I continued to play with the system some more and realized that, since it only seen in my eyes, I just need to mentally click on the Skills or values in general to be able to see a small description.

I also noticed that the inventory looks like infinite space but in reality it is not, it is exactly the same size and depth as Asora. I didn’t do it with slots since it is much simpler as it currently is.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve taken stones and other things in and out of the inventory.

It’s just too exciting!


Well, now that I have 100% energy, I will continue to fill the cabin with stuff and so on for the rest of the day. I will concentrate tomorrow on learning new skills and see if there is a way to directly increase the energy I have, which is what I need most.


Night has fallen and the new day has come to Asora, it seems that neither sun nor moon is needed, since space alone becomes light in the day and dark at night.

Alexander spent the rest of yesterday creating equipment and interiors for the cabin between short breaks to regain energy.

Right now it looks like a normal forest house, with all the internal water and electrical systems connected to equipment that runs on its own power, these are much more durable and can at least go on for a full year of working time until they need to be replaced.

Alexander was lying in bed, when he woke up and softly murmured, “Status”, this he could have done in a mental command, but he still had no worries that anyone would hear him at the moment.

[*Name: Alexander Smith.

Race: Human.

Vitality: 21.

Strength: 10.

Energy: 103/103.

*List of Skills:

-Creation (EX): Create that which is inside your mind.

-Photographic Memory (EX): You will not forget what your eyes have seen.

-Asora (EX): A natural dimensional space directly connected to your energy.

-System (1.0): A simple different way of viewing, processing and executing data. Available spaces: Status, Inventory, Office]

He was a bit surprised to notice that his energy went up 3 points but easily associated it to all the previous day’s expenditure and recovery from it. He also noticed that he increased 1 point of Vitality, and this proved his theory that this energy that inhabited his body, acts like an internal cleanser every two or three breaths as it travels through his body, like the Qi of Chinese light novels.

He spent some time getting ready and now he was sitting in front of the cabin with the small stream in front of him.

He closed his eyes tightly and made an image strongly until it sent him out of his energy.


I could hear the sound of creation, literally, and I got a glimpse of its energy in the system.

Energy: 23/103

It took him to create this article 80 energy points, as to what it was, well….

It was a small blue potion of permanent Stats increase. It increased the magic power by 10% and in this case he will use it to increase his energy.

He had taken it from a Video Game but gave it his original touch.

Without further ado, he took the bottle, opened the cap and drank all the liquid inside.

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