IAIK Ch.75

Ch 75

“B-bastard, let go of me!”

“No, I don’t want to hold you like that either, but if I let go, you’ll bite me again.”



“At least…”


“… At least don’t touch my chest, you-you-stupid!”

“Ah… sorry.”

Backing up a bit…

After Alexander promised Luu Luu to have a duel with her, Luu Luu happily led him towards the castle. Of course, earlier she had gone towards the Main Gate, and Alexander with his hand behind his head and somewhat embarrassed, exposed his crimes…

At the Castle, it was announced to everyone in a general way that the Hero that Luu Luu had been looking for had been found.

Everyone had doubts as to what this “Hero” that Celestine-sama had warned about might look like, but upon seeing him naturally everyone thought that he did indeed have the bearing of a real Hero.

Of course, even though Alexander’s Ability, Normal Aura had been leveled up and its effects were very outstanding, once he became the center of attention of the entire City, this had been worth less than Luu Luu’s promise that he would eat all the vegetables for dinner…

Aside from this, even though his face could not be observed very well, the Yang God Body Ability was not a joke at all.

It wasn’t just the perfect physique on Alexander that caught one’s attention, but it was also the aura of Divine Nobility and Firmness that came out of him, without even him realizing it.

And if that wasn’t enough, the most remarkable thing about Alexander was that long crimson hair that flowed freely down his back…

Something certainly so unique… that even if the Elves, called the most beautiful beings in the entire world, would see it… then they could only be jealous. Although this really couldn’t be something that would happen, since this most peaceful race had died out hundreds of years ago… leaving only their counterpart, the Dark Elves, mysteriously intact with the passage of Time.

In this way, Alexander was introduced to the entire City.

After that, Luu Luu started jumping around saying about the duel between them, too, to everyone she saw.

And then she looked for a place in the garden part of the Castle, for this.

“Hey, hey, I heard that Luu Luu-sama is having a Duel.”

“I see, that’s a normal thing.”

“Yeah, but why don’t you guess who’s the one who will be fighting her.”

“Well, it must be another Bear she brought from the mountain herself, right? Poor Bears, I swear Kuma-chan, the one who is almost always taken by Luu Luu-sama to fight because he’s the strongest of them, let out a few tears just now, I really saw it!”

“No, silly! It’s about Alexander-sama! The red-haired Hot Hero we saw a little while ago in the Castle!”

“What! Why didn’t you start there!”

“Hehehehe, I wanted to see your surprised expression hehehehe, so are you coming to see him?”

“Of course I’m coming! Can you imagine if Alexander-sama happened to drop his mask, but Turns out that instead of a scar he has such a handsome face that he looks like a god!!! kyaa~!”


“This isn’t a novel from the ones in the books! Although it would be nice if it was too… ah~.”

All sorts of flowery rumors were fluttering around the castle….

Mostly among the noblewomen, housewives, and maidservants of the castle.

Though in the same way…

“Hey, are you going to go watch the Duel?”

“Well of course I’m going!”

“Hey buddy, you seem really excited.”

“Of course I am!”

“I know, I’m sure it’s because that Hero looks pretty strong, huh?”

“As far as I’m concerned, the Hero can choke to death on a branch, the important thing is that he looks pretty strong and that he can possibly give Luu Luu-suama a fight! That means that if an accident happens,

we’ll finally get to see that beautiful little nipple that we’ve been longing to see! With the little clothes Luu Luu-sama wears, we’ve never seen it! Hell yeah I’m excited!”


“Dude, you’re married! So, are we anxious, are you part of a secret group or something?”

Among the men, and especially, “those” men… the news of the Duel was also spreading fast.

Being the nobles, those who work in the Castle, the women Knights close to Luu Luu, some strange people, and also many… many female citizens, those who would see a Duel between this handsome hot Hero, and their Beloved Princess Knight, although she was also something like the mascot or idol of the City…

‘Well, I’ve already searched all over the City, practically, with Luu Luu carrying me here and there… and I have sensed no malignant auras or malicious intent in any of the men I have seen, or I have registered with Human Area… only something strange… is that a large number of them seemed as if they were Luu Luu fans…. Lolicons… maybe? Haaa, well, at least they’re not evil rapists…’

Alexander thought this as he looked at Luu Luu preparing for the Duel, and holding easily a large Hammer that was twice as big as she was.

He had perfectly registered the aura of each and every man in this City, and he sighed in relief at the realization that he would not have to kill any accomplices of Kuroinu’s army… And also…

He was surprised at how famous Luu Luu was in the minds of men.

Even some nobles had 3 or more beautiful and young Wives, but still the devotion and the affection they felt for Luu Luu was really greater than the feeling for their own spouses…

And as if it were the garland on the cake, he realized that those who had opened the shops with the weird names he had previously seen… were men.

‘Anyway… now that I know there are no accomplices in this City, and even apparently, Celestine Lucross was finally aware of me and what I’ve done, I guess I can relax a bit… although, I still wonder, why is it that they became aware of me at this time? Whether it was by the transmission between Cities, other methods, and even by the visions of the future or the like that Celestine seemed to have in the Anime…. they should have realized long before now, is the magical transmission between the cities cut off? Isn’t there another-….?’


Alexander was lost in thought, but that was interrupted by Luu Luu’s  fine, loud, and gracious voice.

“Yes, Luu Luu-chan?”

“Don’t call me Luu Luu-chan! … and be ready, our Duel will begin shortly.”

Alexander nodded to what Luu Luu said, and Alexander didn’t know why, but he felt a Deja-vū about this whole situation…

Though he downplayed it and simply waited, until he realized one thing.

“Hm, Luu Luu-chan?”


Luu replied from a distance with a very cute face.

“We agreed that if you won, I was going to stay here to fight with you everyday as a days as a reward, right?”


“Then, if I defeat you… what is my reward?”

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