B.P. Ch.3

Ch 3 “Punishment if you do something wrong”

◼︎Side Akira

Ahhh. Sex with Rumi was really great! I want to do it again.

I have been connected with Rumi on LINE since then.

Rumi calls me every day. It’s not a sales line, is it? Definitely. “How was your day?” and “What are you doing, Akira?” and other such casual exchanges. She says she doesn’t want me to come to the store anymore. She says I can come to Rumi’s room whenever it’s convenient for me.

I wonder if she’s in love with me? I don’t think it’s going to be that convenient. I do expect a little. I’m a guy. But what would happen if she finds out I’m a high school student and not a college student? Well, I’ll think about it later.

I’m in PE class right now, waiting for my turn to run the 100 meters. I’m thinking about this in my free time.

Oh, oh, everyone’s working hard. The girls are watching, so they’re all working hard.

As I wait, Uesugi, the next ace of the track team, who is running with me next, calls out to me.

“Yano. You look as unmotivated as ever, don’t you? I don’t care what you do, but don’t get in my way, okay?”

“An? What?”

“I’m saying that it’s a nuisance to have a class with an unmotivated attitude. You’re making my time slower.”

“Heh. Then, it would be a shame if the ace of the track team loses to the homecoming club, right? You want to play?”

I agitated Uesugi to make fun of him.

“… Hmm. Alright. How about the loser buys anything the winner wants to eat at the school cafeteria?”


“No excuses, okay? You challenged me to a match that I deserved to win, didn’t you?”

“Hey hey.”

Now, Physical Enhancement Level 1!

Let’s go! Pow!

Wow, Uesugi is a track and field athlete, so he’s got a good start! But… phew!

I put some strength in my legs and caught up with Uesugi! Uesugi looked incredulous as I lined up. Then I passed Uesugi just before the finish line.

“Ti, time! Yano 10.86 seconds, Uesugi 11.10 seconds!”

Yay! I won. People around me are rushing to me and making a fuss over my victory over Uesugi.

“Wow! Amazing! That’s impossible!”

“Yano! You’re so fast, aren’t you?”

“Isn’t it amazing to win against Uesugi⁉︎ Seriously?”

“Akira! Have you been cutting corners all this time?”

Ooh-oh. What’s the fuss? Did I show off a little too much? I’ll just say, “I was just being serious.” After this, Uesugi asked me to join the track team, but I politely declined. I have a lot of things to do.


◼︎Side Heavenly Voice

Akira’s successes have brought about a gradual change in the world around him. Little by little, the opposite sex began to become aware of Akira. Akira himself is not aware of it yet, but there are people who definitely feel it.

Why? It is because Akira can now afford it. He has acquired a large amount of money and experience with women. He is no longer a virgin, so he is no longer in a hurry to get with a woman. His confidence in his ability to make a professional woman cum gives him even more leeway. He is tall to begin with. Such experience makes him look like an adult man. It was only natural that a high school girl would look more exceptional than boys of her generation.

But some of them are sensitive to the smell of money. Shirokawa Mika was one of them. Mika sensed the scent of money in Akira and approached him to make a fool out of him.


◼︎Side Akira

“Yano-kun! Hey, do you have time for me? I have a consultation?”

“Hmm? Is it Shirokawa…? What is it? A consultation.”

“No, it’s just that I don’t think I can do it here. So can you come with me…?”

Shirokawa Mika?

I think I heard that she is very popular among some guys. She looks like a gal, has brown hair with a light perm and wears it in a side pony. She always wears star-shaped earrings as her trademark. She’s certainly a very cute girl, but she’s rumored to be a bitch. And I’m pretty sure she has a college boyfriend? Something fishy…?

Appraisal, you’re up~!


[Shirokawa Mika

17 years old, 161cm, 53kg, B85W57H88, C cup

Hakuo Gakuen, 2nd year, class B, homecoming club


Strength: 28

Physical fitness: 45

Intelligence: 50

Agility: 55

Dexterity: 82

Attractiveness: 91


Number of experience: 3 people, never married, with a boyfriend. 

Attribute: Submissive

Sexual Areas: Ears, Back, Nipples, Clitoris, Vaginal area


Appraisal result: She has a boyfriend who is a college student. She is rumored to be a bitch, and occasionally gives hand jobs to her classmates to earn some extra money. She spends a lot of money on fashion and is always short of money. I approached him because I thought Yano might have some money.]


Hmmm, I see. The point is that she wants me to be her financial supporter, right? She’s got a boyfriend, but she’s a total jerk. Is this a punishment decision?

“Ah, okay. Where do you want to go?”

“Really? Thanks♪ come here❤︎”

Perhaps she will take me to an empty classroom that she always uses? Well, okay, wherever.

I was taken to an unused audio-visual room.

I see. It’s locked and no noise will be heard outside.

But Shirokawa? You never know what I might do to you if you bring a man into a closed room like this. Well, she’s probably going for the safest guy she can find, right?

Now, what do you think she’ll cut out?

“Hey, you know what? Yano, are you accumulating or something?”

Oooh, you’ve come straight to the point. Is it likely to be impatient here?

“Hmm? Nothing. What do you mean by ‘accumulating'”

“What? You want me to say it? This is what I mean❤︎”

Shirokawa makes a ring with her fingers and makes a handling gesture. Guilty. This guy is an addict.

“I don’t know. I don’t have that kind of accumulation.”

“Huh? Is that so? That’s funny…”

“Is that all you have to say? Well, I’m going home.”

“What⁉︎ No, no, no… Wait a minute! What? Why? This cute Mika-chan says she’s going to give you a handjob, right? Why are you leaving?”

“Don’t call yourself cute. Well, I certainly think you’re cute.”

“Right? Then, what do you think? Why don’t you play with Mika-chan for a little bit? Just give me a little allowance❤︎”

“Hmmm… but I don’t think you can do it.”

“Ehhh, what’s impossible?”

All right. She’s hooking up. Let’s give her a taste of my big dick first.

“Oh. My dick is too big. So I can’t use your tiny hands to ejaculate.”

“What about…? Big, isn’t that too pretentious?”

“Well, if you insist, why don’t you take a look?”

I put on my body reinforcement and took out my big dick from my zipper. The presence of this cock made Shirokawa gasp.

“Ho, that’s really great… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it, it’s twice as big as my boyfriend’s…”

Wow, a college student’s boyfriend is half my size? This is superiority. 

“Right? I told you it’s impossible. Can I put it away now?”

“Hey, hey… can I touch it a little?”

“Oh? Okay.”

“Then, I’ll touch… okay?”

Shirokawa fearfully touches my big dick.

“Wow, it’s really thick… And it’s long and… and warped and oh so hot…”

Shirokawa is breathing hard and blushing, as if she is excited. Well, it’s time to set it off.

“Shirokawa. If you can make me come, I’ll give you some money, okay?”

“Oh, really? Then, I’ll try my best.”

Saying that, Shirokawa began to rub my big dick.

“I can’t do this with one hand, I have to use both hands.”

Oh, that feels good. But it’s not enough, Mika.

“Nn~, not at all. Shirokawa, just give it a quick, light lick, will you?”

“Huh? What, lick it…?”

“Oh, this doesn’t make me cum at all. If you can’t do it, we’re good to go, okay?”

“Uh… ya, I’ll try, reroo…”

Slurp, slurp, slurp.

Woo hoo, this feels good. She is an active high school girl. And such a cute girl. To be honest, I feel like I’m about to cum.

But this is her punishment. I have to make her regret trying to sucker me off.

“Shirokawa, you’re pretty good at this. I’ll make you feel a little better in return.”

Saying that, I touched Shirokawa’s weak point, her ear.

“Hyaaan❤︎ No!…❤︎ Ahhhhh❤︎ No, I’m thrilled!”

It’s so effective that it’s easy to understand. I just keep touching it.

“No…❤︎ What? It feels so good, I can’t lick it…”

All right. You’re getting nice and slow. Now, let’s get her a little more relaxed.

“It feels good. Well, I’m going to give you a kiss to make you feel better.”

“What? What do you mean by kissing?”

I kissed her without saying whether it was necessary or not.

“Mmmm…❤︎ Hummmm, chupa…❤︎-⁉︎~~~~~~❤︎⁉︎”

Let’s violate her mouth and take away her reason. I know your weak points. It’s an easy job. Her hips are cracking and she is getting nice and tender.

“Puha, ah…❤︎ You’re so good at kissing…❤︎ It feels good…❤︎”

“Yeah? Do you want some more?”

“I want you to kiss Mika more…❤︎”

All right! It’s down. Now all that’s left is to attack.

“Npu❤︎ hamu❤︎ chupa chupa❤︎ n ~❤︎ aan❤︎ It feels so good❤︎”

“I’m going to touch your tits.”

“No… nipples are ❤︎ hard… ahhh…❤︎”

As it is, I will play with her back and inner thighs.

“I’m so weak❤︎ No, no, no❤︎ I’m going to feel it…❤︎ Why? Mika’s favorite part…

〜〜〜You know what makes me so good.”

“Mika, does it feel good?”

“It feels so good❤︎ so good…❤︎ I’ve never felt anything like this before❤︎ I’m thrilled❤︎”

“Then I’m going to touch this one too.”

I put my hand inside her panties and touched her clitoris. When I rubbed it gently, she moaned loudly.

“Ahhhh❤︎ No, no, no❤︎ I’m going to cum❤︎ I’m going to cum❤︎”

“Good. Mika, cum!”

I put my finger inside Mika’s vagina and rub her G-spot hard.

“No❤︎ Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎ I’m cumming❤︎ I’m cumming!”

Psh, pshaaaah!

Whoa, you squirted.

“I came out…❤︎ I came…❤︎”

Well, is the next one the real deal?

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