H.F. Ch.8

Ch 8 A Date with Ayano (1)

“Listen, Haru. You’ll escort Ayano properly, right?”


“Okay, okay.”

I was just now being asked by her, for some reason, to escort a girl other than her. It was a complicated feeling.


However, if it is Kaori’s request, there is nothing i can do. We have no choice but to do my best.
As usual, I had my hair done and my clothes coordinated by Kaori with the ones I got from my part-time job. All right, everything is perfect. Now all that’s left is for me to do the shopping.

“Okay, here I go.”


“Yeah, good luck. Haru.”

“What’s wrong?”


Kaori turns her eyes more serious than ever.


Should I not go, after all?


“If it’s just… you know… a few more girlfriends, that’s fine.”


“”Eh? Because you hated it, didn’t you?”

“Ah well. But I’m happy to have someone who likes me. It doesn’t mean that anyone can do it, but if a girl who takes care of Haru-kun appears and you want to take care of Haru-kun as well, please respond. “

At this time, I wasn’t quite sure and couldn’t reply properly. Why would Kaori say such a thing and why would I think that someone would come along who would like me?


I headed to the meeting place to meet Otsuka-san with a fluffy feeling.




There are only a few places around here that are used for meeting up. My meeting place  with Kaori is one of them.

Again, we met in front of the usual station.


This is the most convenient place in the area.


Shopping malls are close by, trains and buses can both be taken here, and it is a great place to meet up.

Since their houses are right next to each other, why go to the trouble of meeting up?


As I headed to the meeting place with this thought in mind, I saw a girl being tangled up with two men.


That gal-like outfit….


There was no doubt that it was Otsuka-san
I hurried over to  Otsuka-san

 and intervened between her and the men. But that was so far so good, but what should I do after that?


“Oh? What the fuck, man?


“Don’t you fucking interrupt me!”


Wow, it’s powerful to see it right in front of you.

I often see this in dramas, but I never thought I would experience it in real life.

But since I am quite tall, I don’t see many people taller than me. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel that scared of these men.


Saito, you don’t have to do this.


Otsuka-san looked at me anxiously.


Her hands were trembling as she tugged at my clothes.


“I’m sorry, this man is with me. I’m in a hurry, so if you’ll excuse me.”


“I was about to leave the place with Otsuka-san. I wish nothing had happened, but reality is not so sweet.”


“Hey, don’t take her without permission!”
Huh, I would have left like this if I could, but I had no choice. I turned around and one of the men raised his fist and came at me.

“Saito, look out!”
I’m glad Otsuka-san is concerned, but a punch of this magnitude won’t hit the spot.



I effortlessly caught the man’s fist with one hand. The man looked astonished, as if he did not expect to be stopped.

Compared to my father’s fists, I’m too slow. My father is a former Japanese champion of Kyokushin Karate. He still has many students at his dojo.


Growing up in such an environment, I never lost a fight. I mean, I never had any fights.

“I’m sorry. Can I go now?”


I said and shook off the man’s hand messily.


The man lost his position, perhaps with too much momentum.


After that, there seemed to be no particular pursuit, so I started walking away with  Otsuka-san as it was. We had a tough time from the start, didn’t we?


Are you okay, Otsuka-san?”


I try to talk to Otsuka-san, but she doesn’t answer.


I turn around, but she’s looking down and our gazes don’t meet.

Was she still scared?


It is natural for a girl like Otsuka-san to feel fear when she is surrounded by men. Let’s leave her alone for a while.



What? Did you say something?”


She seemed to have said something, but her voice was too low to be heard.


. Otsuka-san looked up slightly, made slight eye contact with me, and then turned his head to the side, but this time I heard him clearly.


“Thanks for earlier. That was… cool.”


“You’re welcome.”


Yeah, I think I can handle it. Let’s go shopping. Come to think of it, I haven’t written down my destination yet.

Oh, by the way, what are you going to buy today?”


I was going to buy some reference books. I also wanted to have a little fun as a distraction from my studies.


“Reference books, okay. Then, when you’re done, we can look around, okay?”


“Yeah, thanks.”

After a short thank-you, Otsuka-san plucked my sleeve.


I was surprised at the suddenness of it, but I remembered Kaori’s words from the morning.


“’You’re going to escort Ayano-chan, right?”


I see. That’s right.

Whoever it is I’m with, I have to let them have fun now.


I moved the hand that was holding my sleeve out of the way, and Otsuka-san looked sad for a moment, but as soon as I held her hand, her face lit up and I saw her smile for the first time today.


After all, Otsuka-san has a wonderful smile.”




Otsuka-san became silent again, but unlike before, our gazes met firmly. And her face was a little reddish.


After that, Otsuka-san was silent from beginning to end, so I was alone talking until we got to the shopping mall. I was somewhat troubled because when I go out with Kaori, I don’t often go silent. And I don’t really know what to do with an escort. So I made a conscious effort to act as I would when I was with Kaori

We arrived at the shopping mall in silence, but the atmosphere was not bad. First we decided to go to the bookstore, our destination for the day.

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