R.C. Ch.43

Ch 43

Male Protector.

They are literally there to protect the men, and they are so strong that you can feel safe with them.

“I was thinking about that too, but… I know I’m not qualified to be a mother, I was so elated by being with Ao-Kun all the time that I hesitated to ask.”

Mom talks about that.

Mom told me that she had actually already thought about getting an escort when she left the hospital, but she couldn’t stop thinking about it and kept putting it off.

She also said that she didn’t think I would ever want to go outside or go to school.

That I would always be safe at home and wouldn’t need a male constable.

But I’ve been active in a lot of ways, and it seems I’ve been holding on to those feelings until today.

“I’m sorry, Ao-chan.”

Saying that, She lowers her head.

“I’m okay, Mom. So don’t cry, okay?”

“Ugh, sorry. I’m sorry. Ao-chan.”

I hugged Mom and slowly patted her head.

“I wouldn’t want my mom and another man to be together all the time.”

“Oh, yeah?”


“Eh, ehehe. I love you, Ao-chan.”

Mom hugs me even tighter.

“Yeah, baby.”


The principal makes one coughing sound.

”You and your son are very good together, aren’t you? Quintessential, lady-friendly Ao-sama. Can you give me a hug after ………?”

“No, sir. Ao-chan is my Ao-chan.”

Mom hugged me to her chest.

I sink down to be buried in the marshmallow-like chest.

The two of them have a bit of a standoff before Kinoshita-sensei intercedes and they somehow get back to talking.

“Mother, may I request a male Protector?”

“…… Yeah. I can’t change it for Ao-chan’s safety.”

Mom agreed to make the request.

“Even we, teachers, will deal with any student who inadvertently tries to approach Soshigaya-Kun even though she doesn’t want to.”


I bow my head as Mom bows hers.

“Well, for now, I’m going to ask you to stay at home until we receive a request from the government. As for the assignment printouts and such, well, …… Soshigaya-Kun’s good friends Yuri-san and Airi-san, and I’ll take the rest.”

“Please take care of them.”

We continue to talk with the teachers after that, and then we break up for the day.

“Good luck with your delivery, Ao-sama.”

“Thank you.”

I didn’t know, our high school principal was an amazing person in a lot of ways.

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