H.F. Ch.12

Ch 12 Study Session

Kean, Korn, Khan, Korn.

A chime sounds to signal the end of morning classes. It is lunchtime, and the high school students are waiting for it.


Usually, Kaori and I eat together, but from today, the three of us, including Ayano, eat together.


When Kaori and I went to the diner, we bought meal tickets and got in line. Whenever I go to the diner, I always have the fried chicken set meal.

My favorite, fried chicken.


I could eat fried chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


After receiving the set meal from the woman at the cafeteria, I looked for an empty seat. Well, I think she said she was ahead of me.


I look around and see Ayano waving at me. I’m glad you found me.


“I saved you a seat”.


“Thank you, Ayano.”

I sat down, and not long after, Kaori came over as well.


“Ayano-chan, thank you so much for your help!”


“No, I’ll order something at the diner next time, too.”

Ayano always brings her own lunch, apparently.


Since Kaori and I either eat at the cafeteria or buy our lunches at a convenience store, homemade lunches are very appealing.

“Ayano, are you making the bento?”


“That’s right? My parents are early in the morning. When I wake up, they’re already gone, so I have to take care of myself.”


Hohee, Ayano-chan’s femininity and housewife power are excessive.


“That’s not true. How about Kaori’s cooking?”


Ayano’s casual question froze the place. What a thing to ask, Ayano!

It’s no exaggeration to say that this is Kaori’s only weak point. That’s cooking.


This is a story from when I was still in junior high school.


“Haru-kun, your mother isn’t here today, so I’ll cook for you!


From a distance, it looks really good. I had high hopes for this time. Because it’s made by junior high school students, I thought it would be enough to have fried eggs or wiener sausages.


“”Here you go, it’s a fried egg and an octopus sausage! “

I made up my mind and picked up the octopus wiener with my chopsticks, and it crumbled like black mist, and there was nothing left on my chopsticks.


After that incident, Kaori stopped cooking.


“Did you hear me wrong?”


“Um, that’s right! What should we do for today’s study session!”


I forced myself to change the subject. Somehow she must have guessed what I was talking about, and Ayano shifted the subject to the study group.


I’m not very good in the humanities,” she said. That’s why I want you to help me with Japanese and English.


I see, so let’s do that today.

“Great, I agree.


Oh, Kaori came back.

She doesn’t seem to care anymore, but I’ll make sure to tell Ayano later not to talk about cooking.




We were on our way to the library with our stuff.

“Wow, I’ve never been to the library before.


“Oh, yeah, we’ve used it a few times.”


“Yeah, it’s less crowded than I thought it would be.”

Rattle rattle.


When I entered the library, no one was there today.


There is no library staff in our school library, and when you want to check out a book, you do so by operating your own computer.


This is quite convenient because you can make requests from this computer.


We got a table by the window at the far end of the room. This table seats four, which is perfect for three people.


Kaori sat next to me and Ayano sat in front of me.


We immediately took out our textbooks, notebooks, and handouts from class and began preparing for the test.


First, the three of us checked the scope of the test and solved all the problems in the test from one side to the other.


Since all three of us, Kaori, Ayano, and I, were all high achievers, there were few problems we could not solve and few questions we were asked.


Although it was almost like just studying on my own, it was less tempting than studying alone at home, and I was able to study more efficiently in a shorter amount of time.

“Haru, this is an English sentence, why do you translate it like this?”


“I think you need to understand the sentences before and after to translate it well into Japanese. You are misinterpreting the previous sentence.”


“I see. I see.”

Ayano really understands quickly. If she feels this way, I think we can expect her to do well on this test.


Haru-kun, Haru-kun. Teach me too.


The first thing is that Kaori’s grammar is wrong. In this sentence, this word can’t be translated as it is.


“Well, I understand somehow.


“Well, I understand it somehow,” she said. “Well, I understand it somehow. It’s a similar problem to the previous one.


“Yes, sir”.


Our study session went smoothly without any interruptions. During the week leading up to the test, the three of us met every day in the library for study sessions.


Thanks to our efforts, we felt better about the test than we had ever felt before.


Starting from this test, the test rankings will be posted on the bulletin board in the hallway, so all the other students were desperate.


It seemed that we had done our best to get a higher ranking, and our average score was the highest so far. I guess it was just as the teachers wanted to make the students feel competitive by posting their grades on the board.



The Monday following the end of test week.


Finally, the results were posted on the bulletin board.

The results were: I was in first place, Kaori was in second place, and Ayano was in fifth place.


There was almost no difference in scores among the top 10, and it was not surprising that anyone could have placed first.


The three of us were very happy and satisfied with the results, but there were some students who were not satisfied at all.


Yes, it was Machida from our class.

‘Hey, yin-yang. I agree that  Nishijo-san is better than me, but why the hell are you number one in your grade!”


Machida had always told everyone since the first grade, “I’m No. 1 in my grade. But when the year came to an end, he was in third place. His pride must have been hurt. He made false accusations against me.


“You cheated anyway, didn’t you?


His words created such an atmosphere around us that we were all in awe.


I know, I’m not going to let that guy beat me.


“Cheating, that sucks.”


“You really wanted to show him how good you are, didn’t you?”


I was being told all I wanted, but I didn’t care because I didn’t think anything of it, but both sides of me were on the verge of exploding.


“Kaori, Ayano, it’s okay, okay?”


I quiet them both down so that they cannot hear me.


However, the two still glare at Machida and the other students as if to say, I’m going to curse them to death. What am I supposed to do now?


I felt like crying a little, but then the savior appeared.


“What are you making so much noise about?”

Our homeroom teacher, Mr. Tazawa, appeared. I knew that Tazawa-sensei would be able to handle this situation.

Sensei, this shady bastard cheated!”


Machida says this with a grin.


And in the background, his classmates are shouting, “That’s right, that’s right! behind him.


Seeing this scene, Tazawa-sensei put his hand on his forehead and sighed deeply.


‘Huh, that’s what you were arguing about? There’s no way Saito-kun could have cheated.”


“Na, how can you be so sure!”

The students showed impatience because they did not get the reaction they expected. I thought that the teacher would surely agree with me.

“Saito-kun entered the school with the top score in the entrance examination, and he also won the first place in all subsequent tests, including the midterm, the final, and the competency test. Why would such a student cheat now?”


When the teacher told them my grades, the students were dumbfounded, their mouths hanging open. 


Then, with those students in the background, Tazawa-sensei smiled and extended his hand toward me.


She hugged me and patted me on the head.


Saito-kun, you’re so good. This is your reward, isn’t it?”

No one could understand the situation, including me, and just a moment of silence passed. After stroking my head for a while, the teacher released me, perhaps satisfied.


She then released me, satisfied. “This is your reward. If you all get first place, I’ll give you a reward, okay?”


“See you later.”


With that, she sashayed off.


I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do this.




The biggest cry of the day echoed throughout the school.

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