H.F. Ch.13

Ch 13 Workplace

The tumultuous testing period has come to an end.


I was forced to sit on the rooftop.


The reason is because of Mr. Tazawa’s action when the test results were posted. I think he did it on his own, and I am the victim.

“Good, Haru-kun! ? Never get too close! ? ”


“It’s exactly as Kaori says!! That teacher is absolutely dangerous!!”


“She’s just my homeroom teacher, kay?”


No no, isn’t it almost impossible not to get close to your homeroom teacher? I felt like I was being imposed an unreasonable task, but in order to be released quickly, I had no choice but to nod.


“Oh, I understand. Be careful.”




So where should we go for the launch? And the two of them are smiling, completely different from before.


Girls are busy creatures,aren’t they?


I stood up quietly and decided to follow them. Also, I was quiet all day so that I wouldn’t be forced to sit on my knees for doing something strange.




Well, what shall I wear today?


I thought as I fished through my closet and laid out my clothes on my bed.


After much deliberation, I decided to play it safe and put on a white T and a jacket. If I’m going to have to change over there anyway, I probably don’t need to think that much about my personal clothes.

Emi was going to come to my house today, so I decided to get ready and wait for her.


Just as I finished my preparations, the chime of our house rang. Oh, is she here?





Good morning, Haru-kun. Is your family home?”


Good morning, Emi. My parents are already at work today, so they won’t be here.


I see, I wanted to say hello, but maybe some other time.


After getting out of the car, we follow Emi into the building. We move from the staff elevator to the 5th floor where the studio is located.


“Come this way, this will be Haru-kun’s waiting room, so can you wait here for a while? You can have a drink or whatever you want.”


After saying this, Emi left the waiting room.


The room she led me to was labeled “HARU-sama’s waiting room.


The name HARU was given to me by Emi when I created my Twitter account. She said she didn’t want to use her real name because it would be too much trouble.


The waiting room was exactly what I had imagined: an 8-tatami-mat room with a space for makeup, a sofa, and a table. It was just as I had imagined.


On the table were several bottles of water and tea, which I decided to drink.


When I left the waiting room, I took a picture of “HARU-sama’s waiting room” that was posted at the entrance.


I posted it with the photo, adding the words, “I’m going to start shooting now.


After that, I had nothing to do, so I looked around the waiting room. After about five minutes, there was a knock at the door.


Knock, knock.

Haru, I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I’m going to say hello to him.


Y”es, ma’am”


I followed Emi to the studio.


I’m going to go to the studio after Emi. Thank you.


“Oh, no, I was free. I posted it without permission.


“Oh, no problem at all. I’m going to ask you to wear different clothes today, and I’ll take some pictures of them with my phone, so you can post them too, okay?


I understand. I would appreciate it.When I arrived at the far end of the room, I found a large door. It looked like the kind of heavy door you would expect to find in a concert hall.


When I opened the door and entered the room, I found a large white background cloth hanging from the ceiling and a magnificent camera set up in front of it.


The number of lights was unbelievably large, which took my breath away.


Further in the back were the props used in the filming and the set. I wasn’t too nervous, since the last time we shot in a shopping mall, but just standing here made me break out in a sweat.


Here, let’s go say hello, okay?


Ha, yes.”


She stopped talking and turned to me as she went to greet the staff gathered near the camera.


“Oh, are you the model for this show?”


“Oh my God, you’re really handsome!”


Mr. Ando, where did you find me!”


The staff here were all women, including the photographer. Is this how it is in this industry?


This time it just happened to be only women, but it’s not usually like this. And this is our photographer, Ms. Kominato Sakura Kominato.


I’m Kominato, nice to meet you.


Yes, it’s nice to meet you.


I was introduced to many other staff members, including the lighting guy. It’s hard to remember them all at once, isn’t it?


“Well, let’s start with the makeup and costumes.


Let’s do the makeup first.


I went back to the waiting room with Ms. Sano and  Kobe-san. And from there, they made me dress this and that like a dress-up doll, so it took a long time to take the picture, and the two of them were getting very angry with Emi.

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