Ch 13



Yeah? Nnn.




Someone shakes my shoulders.


Hmm? Is it my sister?


“Wake up already, Yuuya-kun.”


Eh? It’s not my sister !?


I tried to wake up, but I was hugged.


“Good morning. Yuya-kun♪”


“Wait, why are you here?”


“Well, well. It’s fine.”


“It’s not fine. How did you get in?”


“I asked Kyoka-san to open it for me.”


“Wha? Eh? When did you become friends with her?”


My sister is very cautious, or perhaps she is good at discerning people, and I can’t believe that my senpai and my sister became friends in such a short period of time.


“Last time, I borrowed Kyoka-san’s clothes, so I went to Yuya-kun’s house, but Kyoka-san was the only one there.”


And then she shows it to me.


Wow. I guess they are really the same.




“What is your favorite type of person, Yuya-kun?”


“Someone like me”


Haha, what kind of conversation are we having?


Please don’t give me a strange answer that my sister is also my sister


It’s about 6:30 now. Lately, I’ve been waking up around 7:00.


“By the way, What are you doing here so early?”


“I came to pick up Yuuya-kun♪”


“No, we’re just going to school together, right?”


Ah, so that’s why Reika-senpai refused to let me go to her house yesterday.


“And I want to take care of Yuya-kun.”


“You don’t have to, but please leave for now.”


“Eh, please let me stay like this for a while.”


This senior is really a guy. I’m a man, too, after all.


Okay, I’ll show her the pain once.




“Huh? Hey, wait!”


I pushed my senpai down and turned the embarrassed Reika-senpai’s face towards me.




I move my face closer and pretend to kiss her.


My senpai closes her eyes and ……..


“It’s a joke. If you are embarrassed, please don’t do this kind of thing anymore.”


“Yuuya-kun… you could have done it…?”


“I won’t do it, and if it wasn’t me, it might be more than this, so please don’t do it.”


“I only do it to Yuuya-kun, and if Yuuya-kun does it to me, I want it.”


“Please don’t do something like this.”


“Eh, if Yuya-kun kisses me, I might want more…”


Oh no, what I did backfired.


“I’m going to go wash my face, so please wait in the living room.”




After that, I washed my face, put on my uniform, and went to the living room, where breakfast was ready.


“Ah, Yuu. Good morning.”


“…Good morning, sister.”


I wonder if Reika-senpai made it for me since my sister can’t cook.


“Did Reika-senpai make this for you?”


“Yes! For Yuuya-kun.”


“…Thank you very much.”


“Yuu. I helped too.”


“Thanks, sis.”


I patted her head. Then my clothes were pulled, and my senpai looks up at me.


“Me too…”


“… Okay”


I can’t refuse. It was so cute.


“Fufu, it feels good to be patted on the head.”


“Yuu is so good at patting”


“I already know, so let’s eat quickly and go to school.”






My sister is different.


Not my sister, though.


After that, I talk about my sister and Reika, and what I usually do, and leave the house.


“I’m off, see you lateeer”


“Take care.”


I’m already familiar with Reika-san’s house.


“I’ll come back tomorrow.”


“No, please!”




Haa, what a day.

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