Ch 48

“Uhm, Yuya.”


“Hmm? What?”


“Are you in the badminton club?”


“No, I’m not.”


The heat has finally subsided, and it’s starting to feel like autumn.


Since the ball game tournament is near, classes are practice for each event.


That’s why we play badminton.


“Then why are you so good?”


“Even if you ask me why”


Maybe it’s because I used to play with my sister a lot when I was a kid.


Besides, I do it sometimes when I have free time.


If Reika-senpai heard about it, she would probably say she wants to play too.


I wonder if she would say it? Hmmm …… Maybe I’ll ask her out next time.


“Natsuki, you hit too much in the middle, you’ll be returned easily.”


“Even if you say that, I’m struggling to return Yuya’s fast and useless ball.”


“Don’t say it’s useless. I think it will help you in the match.”


My reward is at stake, too. I have to aim for the championship seriously.




“Reika, you are too strong. You used to be a good competitor. How can you be so good? I’m starting to feel embarrassed that I used to be a member of the badminton club.”


This girl is Yuka. She is one of my few friends.




There are only a few days left until the ball game. I’m going to stay at school after school (although I’m very sad that I won’t be able to go home with Yuya) and do my best to win, so I’m asking Yuka to accompany me in exchange for a crepe in front of the station the next time I go out to play.


“Could it be, that junior?”




After all, Yuya’s prize is at stake.


I feel like I can do anything for that.


“They say love is blind, but I guess it’s true.”




“You’re smiling, and even your voice is getting sweeter.”


“Is that so?”


“Look in the mirror.”


It’s not good. I really know it myself. My cheeks are so loose.


But I can’t help it! It’s also bad that Yuya-kun is so cool.


“I still can’t believe that Reika, who is the prettiest girl in school and has shot down so many guys, is a total woman.”


“Eh~ because it’s bad that Yuya-kun is so cool~”


“Oh, yes, yes. I’ve heard that many times.”


“So~ Yuya and the other day ….”


“Didn’t you hear me!?”


Like this, I stopped taking a break and practiced a little more, and maybe because it was September, the sun began to set a little earlier, so I stopped practicing before it got dark. I have been neglected.


I feel a little lonely going home alone, so I walk early, and then I finally start to see the school gate.


Ahh. I was in front of that school gate like every day. Yuya-kun didn’t listen to me at all at first, so I often came here to force myself to talk.


“Um, Reika-senpai.”




Suddenly a familiar voice called my name and I turned around.

“Yu, Yuuya-kun.”


“Yes. Shall we go home together?”


Eh, but.


“Yuya-kun, I told you that I have something to do today, so you can go home first, right?”


“But I wasn’t told I shouldn’t wait for you, so I was waiting for Reika-senpai. Umm… To go home together.”


“Eh, eh, ehh!”


Eh, no kidding. I’m happy, I’m very happy.


“Phew, it’s a little cold tonight.”


He says so and holds out his hand. His face was red in spite of that.


He was so cool before, but now he suddenly looks so cute… Jeez….


I take his hand and mutter softly.


“I love you.”


love very much.

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