I.N. Ch.5

Ch 5 Encounter

“ Yui-chan… ”


Yuu secretly observed the two who were having a secret meeting behind the gymnasium.


When Yuu learned about their planned meeting, he believed without a doubt that things would go according to his own expectations. However, reality proved to be different. Yui and Takuya were supporting each other and strengthening their bond.


Throughout their encounter, Yuu has always been referred to as “Someya-kun.” Once a way of addressing someone becomes established, it can be difficult to change it. However, even from the beginning, Takuya was not fond of being called “Takuya-kun.” And now, even after they started dating, Yuu changed his way of addressing Takuya.


Addressing someone is not everything, but it can still serve as one indicator of the proximity between people.


“ Why not me…? I’ve always been by her side… Why did she choose someone she met in high school…? ”


Yuu understood that his close relationship with Takuya was based on their personalities. He knew that Takuya had a good character, and he could understand why he was popular with women, considering his appearance. However, he never expected that Takuya would steal Yui away from him.


Even though I didn’t believe I had that much charm myself and knew that there was something attractive about Takuya, I had this inexplicable confidence.


I had believed that if she read the email, she would realize that I was the one she should be in a relationship with. That’s why I can’t believe that she was just in front of him until a moment ago.


“ If you don’t realize it even after this… then there’s no choice but to resort to force, isn’t there? ”


Yuu wanted to handle things as smoothly as possible, but based on the interactions between the two, it seemed challenging. Yuu believed, or rather convinced himself, that if he could demonstrate his appeal as a man to Yui, she would yield to him.


Due to being preoccupied with his own thoughts and intentions, Yuu failed to notice that Takuya was approaching from right in front of him.


“ Hey, Yuu? Is that you? ”


“ Oh… ”


Feeling caught off guard, Yū realized that escaping unnoticed from the scene would no longer be possible. If asked whether he had been eavesdropping, he couldn’t deny it.


“ What’s going on? Why are you here? ”


This place is behind the gymnasium, and there’s nothing else here. In essence, there shouldn’t be any students with a reason to come here, so that’s why Yui and the others secretly met in this location.


Yuu finds himself at a loss for words, feeling the pressure and the urgency to come up with an excuse if he’s discovered. He realizes he needs to think quickly and find a way to avoid suspicion, further intensifying his sense of urgency.


“ Uh…, well…… ”


Desperate to come up with a response, Yuu uttered words that were nothing short of pitiful.


“ Could it be…?? ”


Frustrated by Yuu’s reluctance to answer, it seemed that Takuya had noticed something and spoke with a sense of realization.


“ Because something seemed off about Yui… is that it? ”


Since Yui came during lunch break, Takuya had also noticed her unnatural behavior. However, at that time, he was talking with friends, so he couldn’t do anything. It was one of the drawbacks of hiding their relationship as being in a romantic relationship.


As a result, Takuya speculated that Yui’s unusual behavior might have prompted Yuu to follow her out of concern, noticing that she was heading towards a less crowded area.


“ So, that’s what happened. But… I missed the timing to approach them because they seemed to be engrossed in conversation, and it ended up feeling like I was eavesdropping. I’m sorry. ”


Taking advantage of the situation, Yuu goes along with Taku’s words.


“ No, it’s fine. Honestly, even if you had come out at that time, it would have been awkward for both of us. ”


Since we were saying quite embarrassing things, Takuya laughed and tried to play it off.


“ Is it okay with the emails? ”


Forgetting entirely about the fact that he was the perpetrator, he naturally asks about the emails.


“ Oh, they were just sent to Yui, so there’s no real harm done. Maybe they just wanted to see Yui in a difficult situation. ”


( Why are you so casual about it? Yui is supposed to be your girlfriend, right? You should take it more seriously and think about it. )


Blaming oneself inwardly, I chastise Takuya for not taking the situation seriously and not thinking it through.


But Takuya’s mindset is understandable. He is just an ordinary high school boy who has never dealt with such problems before, and based on Yui’s testimony, he concludes that the culprit is another high school student. While it may be manageable if someone of the same age just tries to intimidate, the possibility of actual harm is beyond imagination.


“ Yeah, I’ll try to be cautious too, but could you also be considerate of me, Yuu? I can’t always be with you because of club activities, you know. ”


“ Understood. I’ll also be careful. ”


“ No problem, thanks. Well, I should go to club activities soon before I get scolded. ”


“ Alright then, see you later. ”, and with those parting words, Takuya left.


“ If it were me, I would have taken it more seriously, faced it earnestly, and truly protected her. I can’t leave it to someone like him after all. ”, he muttered to himself.


After having a conversation with Taku, Yuu realized that Taku wasn’t truly in love with Yui. Yuu strongly felt that if it were him, he would protect Yui wholeheartedly if anything happened.


Yuu couldn’t help but think about the possibilities and what-ifs, without considering the true significance of such hypothetical situations that may or may not occur.


It is true that one of the most common reasons for someone to develop feelings for another person is based on their current state rather than their future potential. And when it comes to liking someone based on their future prospects, financial stability is often a significant factor. People usually don’t typically think too much about whether someone will become more attractive or cute in the future.


As for Yuu, he doesn’t grasp such concepts and instead retreats into his own world of fantasies.


And due to his fantasies, even if they are unrealistic, they continue to flourish, amplifying further. Unrealistic scenarios, him taking heroic actions, and being praised by a breathtakingly beautiful girl—those are the elements that persist in his imagination.


Drowning in the sea of such fantasies, Yuu sinks without struggling, succumbing to its depths.


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