Ch 55



“Reika-senpai, please wake up. It’s morning.”


In my bed, I wake up my senpai who is munching on my bed.


Yesterday, at her request, she decided to stay at my house…………..


Yuya-kun. Shall we sleep together today?”


“Senpai, I said as much as I can.”


“Hurry up, hurry up♪”


As it was, senpai took my hand, walked over to the bed, and hugged me as if she couldn’t let me go.


It’s easy to untie me, but ……


Haa, I guess I’ll just have to take it. Can I …… do it?


Well, I couldn’t sleep and spent the night looking at my senpai’s face, but it was quite dangerous.


“Please get up early.”


“Mmm. Ehehe.”


For some reason, my senpai is smiling and laughing. Is it really such a nice dream? Should I not wake her up? Yesterday, she laughed casually from time to time while sleeping.


But …..


“Ahh. I want to go on a date with my senpai soon.”




Senpai wakes up so vigorously that it almost sounds like she’s about to make a gabba sound effect.


She’s a cash cow…..cute, though.


“Date, date♪”


Reika-senpai leaves the room humming a strange song, followed by me.


“How many pieces of bread do you want, Reika-senpai?”


“Well, two pieces, and with Yuya!”


“Two pieces.”




I prepare breakfast properly, carry it to the table, and start eating.


Ah, Yuya-kun. So, what do you mean by a date?”


“I wanted to go on a date with my senpai as a reward for the ball tournament.”


“Mmm! Unn!!”


Senpai says something, but I can’t understand what she’s saying because she’s mumbling with the toast in her mouth. 


“Yes, yes, yes. Let’s talk about it after we finish eating. Okay?”


I take a moment to calm the excited senpai.


After we finish eating, senpai comes over and leans on my shoulder.


“Mou, Yuuya-kun! You’ve been stimulating me since this morning, I wish I could go on a date with Yuya-kun too. But ….. Isn’t this a reward for me? I got so much yesterday.”


“It’s okay. It’s what I want to do.”


“Uh… Aa. No, no.”


Senpai relaxes her face. 


“Since yesterday, my feelings for Yuuya-kun have been overflowing and I can’t stop. I love you. Yuuya-kun…”


Senpai straddles me and rubs her cheek against my chest.


She seems a little cat-like. And then she kisses my cheek softly.


“Hey, Senpai.”


“It’s safe because it’s not Maustu Mausu. Ehehe.”


“That’s not the problem.”


“… ♪”


I didn’t hear anything. She’s been spoiling me like this since yesterday, and now she’s even more aggressive than before.


I wish she would stop doing this because it’s dangerous for my sanity and everything.


It took some time for my senpai to calm down, and our planned date was set for the next day.

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