D.F. Ch.9

Ch 9: 150,000 Celebratory Stream Part 1

“Good evening, chat. I am a super hunter from Denjilas, Yamagami Botan, a newly debutted VTuber.”


: Good evening

: Welcome

: We’ve been waiting for you, Yamagami-san!

: Congratulations on 160,000 subscribers!


So, it’s the happy 150,000 subscribers stream. Well, it took a while after I tweeted the announcement to reach 160,000! I’m a bit scared to be honest, because the momentum is seriously unstoppable.


 The comments are flowing fast. The number of people who are interacting with me is increasing, as if it were a lie that I had been underpopulated until now. Comments in foreign languages are especially noticeable.


 I think that the attention is greater overseas than domestically. Otherwise, there would not be so many foreign comments. Aside from the food, the talk is not understood by most people.


“I went to bed and woke up to find out that I was in trouble. I said I was going to use it as a leverage, but I never thought it would turn out to be like this.”


: It’s not so easy anymore.

: It was my first time.

: We laughed at over 150,000 in just one day.

: I see a lot of comments from overseas Nikkis.

: All the best for now.


“Thanks for the congratulatory comments. Welcome first-timers. And to all the international Nikki’s out there, thanks for your comments. Please take a look at the site. I’ll make something delicious again.”


I occasionally respond to comments flowing by, including those in foreign languages. It’s important to properly react even if it’s uncertain whether I understand them correctly or not.


“That being said, let’s get straight to the point. Today’s stream is a commemorative one, even though it was set up hastily. I’m thinking of making something more lavish than yesterday.”


: In many ways, isn’t it too quick?

: If it’s a commemorative live stream, you should talk a bit more, at least.

: Isn’t it better to talk?

: I’m laughing at the style of cutting off the talk.


“That being said, those who know my past streams understand, right? I’m not particularly good at talking. And there are a lot of new viewers and overseas viewers, so it’s better to move on to the main content rather than have a boring conversation, right? I’d like to finish with words of gratitude.”


The overhaul isn’t over yet. In fact, we’re at the finishing stage, so instead of dragging it out, I want to pull everyone’s interest in one go


“So, with that being said, we’re going to start cooking now. The small talk is just a bonus, feel free to chat while we cook. Today’s main focus is cooking.”


: Being decisive is impressive.

: Well, I understand why some people don’t like talking about principals and such.

: I think there is also a demand for casual conversation though.

: Quickly moving on to the main topic deserves high praise.


“Okay, then I’ll show the video.”


The screen switches to the kitchen, showing a huge block of beef, which is the main ingredient for today’s cooking session.


: The kitchen still looks great as usual.

: Looks like there’s another big one.

: That’s some good meat that you can tell at a glance!

: Well, good meat is always a surefire hit for commemorative live streams.

: It looks like something that foreign viewers would also like.


“Ah, the comment is correct. Since many foreign viewers are watching, I prepared something that would excite them. I think the magic of meat is universal, after all.”


: You’re great at being aware of the audience’s demographic

: Foreign people love hearty meat dishes, don’t they?

: And most Japanese people do too, as expected.

: As expected, meat. Meat solves everything.

: The priestesses who are watching simultaneously are going crazy lol.

There was a comment I couldn’t ignore and had to wait for.


“Is that comment for real? Are our seniors watching this live stream as well?”


: It’s true.

: The shrine maidens are throwing a fit, saying, “Why didn’t you make it a full off-collab stream?” But I guess it’s inevitable that there would be some complaints if we skipped straight to collab after Yamagami-san threw a fit…

: How much free food do they want? lol

: Personally, I appreciate the sense of duty in not skipping stages, even though we haven’t even done a collab with our same-gen colleagues.

: I understand the reason. Apparently, it’s because it’s lonely just tweeting on Twitter, so all the remaining members of Denjilas are now watching the stream together.

: It’s so hot…

: However, many are now screaming in jealousy.


It seems like something really fun is happening. As a fan of V, I really want to watch that stream, you know?


“…Well, yeah. If you’re watching the stream, let’s enjoy it to the fullest. So first, let me briefly explain the ingredients. This is the drop ingredient of the cow-shaped monster that appears in the deep layers, the “Armored Demon Bull”. It corresponds to the Chateaubriand in terms of the part. Yes, all of this is the same.”


“Chateaubriand” is a rare and highly prized cut of beef, considered to be the top-tier among all beef cuts. It refers specifically to the central, thickest, and most tender portion of the fillet.


“By the way, only about 600 grams of Chateaubriand can be taken from one cow.”


: What?

: Huh?

: Deep Layer? What is that?

: No way, really?

: Wait, my brain can’t keep up.


“By the way, the Armored Demon Bull is a huge bull with a tough armor-like body. As you can tell by the size of this Chateaubriand, it’s about five or six times bigger than a regular bull.”


It’s a colossal bull with a body height exceeding 10 meters, and its physical strength boasts a hardness like steel, as you might expect from the name “armored bull”


“Its main attack methods are charges and kicks, which don’t differ much from those of a regular bull, but the scale is insane. It’s a triple threat of supermass, muscles that can effortlessly support that weight, and a body with steel-like hardness, which is easily understandable to everyone…”


Taking a break from talking, I turn my attention to the meat. Then, I swing down the 100-yen store knife that I had prepared in advance, aiming for the Chateaubriand.




: Huh!?

: What!?

: Holy cow!?

: Hey, are you okay?

: What is that? Scary!


“Well, it’s like this. Even a Chateaubriand can break a knife if you try to cut it normally. That’s how tough this guy is. Each muscle fiber is like a wire. …Oh, there are some people who are worried about me, but don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I caught the broken knife in midair, didn’t get hurt, and didn’t damage anything.”


There is no proof, but I shake the blade and handle of the broken knife in front of the camera. The comments section suddenly becomes explosive.


The abnormality that was clearly demonstrated was enough to excite anyone. A rare, super-sized part reminiscent of the monster it came from. Meat that can bounce off iron and bend it, it’s insane.


It’s a world of madness that you probably won’t touch unless you go deep into the dungeon, and even if you do, you won’t be able to reach it.


Because it is so abnormal, if someone inexperienced touches it, they will become terribly excited.


: Oh no!

: Wow, is this for real?

: I knew it, but seriously, Yamagami-san is an amazing person.

: Are there really such crazy monsters out there?

: He casually did something amazing, like catching the broken knife in mid-air…

: I can hear cheers from over there, it’s hilarious.

: It’s giving me chills just watching, please stop.


“No, it’s okay. It’s just a performance, so don’t worry. I’m not weak enough to get injured at this level.”


I can catch bullets even if my eyes are closed. If you want to operate solo in the depths, you have to be able to do at least that.


“Alright then, I think everyone now understands what kind of meat this is, so let’s get started with cooking. Today’s menu is Armored Demon Bull’s Chateaubriand Hamburg Steak. We’ll be making a 100% beef hamburger steak with no fillers or onions.”

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