I.N. Ch.7

Ch 7: Intimidation

“…Why? Why would you do something like that? ”

The person whom you have known since elementary school, whom you trusted as much as your boyfriend, turned out to be the culprit who took a photo of you kissing with Takuya and sent it to you. Discovering such a fact makes your friend, who was always there in front of you, seem like a complete stranger.

“ Because, Yui-chan was supposed to be with me. That guy, Takuya, stole you away from me. If something is stolen, you have to get it back. ”, said Yui.

It was completely incomprehensible. Yui thought she understood Yuu to some extent, sharing hobbies, favorite manga, food, and engaging in casual conversations. However, now she couldn’t comprehend the person standing in front of her who was Yuu.

“ I wasn’t stolen… I like Takkun, not you, Yuu. So, even if I’m dating Takkun, is that somehow wrong? ”

“ That’s not just wrong, it’s misguided. It should be me that you’re dating, Yui. It should be me that ends up with you. Do you understand? ”

Yuu’s eyes, which is looking straight ahead, seem to be reflecting Yui who is right in front of him, yet they don’t truly reflect her. Yuu sees a version of Yui that exists only in his own perception.

“ Hey, Yuu. Wake up, please. … I consider you an important person too, Yuu. If you promise me that you won’t do such things again, I wouldn’t mind spending time together like we used to. ”

“ Break up with Taku? ”

“ I don’t want to do that. As I mentioned earlier, I like Taku. Even so, to break up… I can’t imagine that. ”

The two words “I like” spoken by Yui’s mouth fills Yuu with anger as they are directed towards another man other than him.

“ You’re not coming back to your senses, huh… Well then, I guess it’s fine to spread those photos, right? It’s a picture of you in your school uniform, and Takuya is in it too. So, not only you, but Takuya as well, will have a difficult time in school, there is no doubt about that. ”

Yui is one of the most popular individuals in Japan, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she is at the top, or even number one, in terms of popularity. Despite prioritizing her school life and having relatively limited media exposure, such as appearing in dramas or magazines as a model, the demand for her is overwhelming and continues to grow, leading to a significant increase in her popularity.

And being popular doesn’t just mean having a large number of fans, it also means having a significant number of “difficult” fans.

Up until now, the private aspects of Yui’s life, such as her local fans supporting her genuinely and the understanding of her school teachers and classmates, have not been publicly known. However, if the photos taken by Yuu and the leaked intimate scene with her boyfriend were to be exposed, the potential damage would be unimaginable.

Indeed, it is highly likely that the school and the male involved would be identified, and there may be “passionate” fans who would take some form of action. While Yui may not have personally experienced such a situation, she is aware of it through industry stories and anecdotes. The entertainment industry is known for its intense fandoms, and the repercussions of such an incident could be far-reaching.

“ Stop it! It’s one thing if it’s just me, but involving Taku as well… ”

“ If you want the photos to be deleted, I have a proposal. If you’re willing to listen to it, I promise to keep my word and delete the photo of that kiss. ”

If she is willing to accept this proposal, then there’s no longer a need for that photo from before.

“ I and Takkun haven’t done anything wrong. ”

Therefore, Yui firmly states that there is no need to accept Yuu’s proposal.

“ t’s fine, really. But if we do that, both you and Takuya-kun will have a hard time, won’t you? And I wonder what will happen to your “stage life” as well? ”

It’s likely that Yui will be rejected from TV programs, magazines, and other projects because they won’t use an actress who is currently caught up in a scandal. The entertainment industry can be quite unforgiving in such situations.

Having been preoccupied with her own and Takuya’s personal lives, Yui is now faced with a new problem presented by Yuu, causing her to worry. With their father having passed away early, Yui’s mother is left to support Yui and her three siblings on her own income, making Yui’s earnings quite necessary.

“ What should I do……? ”

It appears that despite her reluctance, her tone of voice suggests that she is considering the option despite not wanting to. However, she may have realized that refusing Yuu’s proposal is not the best course of action.

“ Alright… I guess there are things I want you to do with Takuya, both things I’ve already done and things I haven’t done yet. ”

“ By things I’ve done with Takuya… do you mean kissing? And by things I haven’t done yet… what do you mean exactly? ”

Based on the flow of the conversation, Yui somewhat guesses what kind of things he is implying.

“ I’m not going to ask you to have sex with me. I want to do it after we are in a proper relationship. So for now, I want you to suck my cock with your pretty mouth. ”

“ Ugh… I obviously don’t want that. Even if it’s with Takkun… we haven’t done anything like that. ”

“ That’s exactly why. If you do the things with me that you haven’t done with Takkun, you’ll understand my worth, right? ”

“ ……………… ”

There are many things she wants to say, but she keeps her mouth shut, knowing that speaking up may worsen the conditions.

“ Why is it necessary to do that in order for you to delete the photos? ”

“ I just have to, that’s all. ”

Yui is torn. If it were just her own issue, she would have immediately rejected such a proposal. However, she is also concerned about causing trouble for her mother, siblings, and even burdening Takuya. There is also the possibility that if things escalate, her fans might intrude, and the school may even suggest that she transfer.

“ I will definitely delete them for you. I won’t keep any copies on my phone, and there are no other hidden copies saved on my computer or anywhere else. ”

“ I won’t do such a thing. I care about you, Yui-chan, and I just want to help you find happiness and determine who truly is the right person for you. I have no intention of threatening or hurting you. ”

“ ……… ”

Even if there may be certain reasons, engaging in sexual activities with someone other than her boyfriend is absolutely out of the question for Yui. However, this applies only when considering herself alone. If it involves harm to someone she cares about or her family, the situation becomes more complicated.

“ Keep your word, Someya-kun. ”

“ Of course. ”


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