D.F. Ch.15

Ch 15: First Collaboration Stream Part 2

「… My genmate was crazier than I expected. I thought he had a little more common sense.」

“Forget about that. Oh, I’m going to start cooking now, so I’ll leave the proceedings to you. Just handle it however you want.”

「I’m telling you, you can’t just brush it off like that. Maybe Botan is just insane after all?」


: Lmao

: Hanabi is right about this

: As a matter of fact, if you go solo to the lower floors of the dungeon, you’re already insane…

: Seriously, for Yamakami, it’s probably no different from catching fish as a hobby. Even for items worth hundreds of thousands of yen…

: Hanabi, who is the one who often manipulates her seniors, is being manipulated brilliantly w

: There is a wall that cannot be crossed by those who are psychopathic or genuinely insane. It can’t be helped.


There are some harsh comments flowing. Even though I’m in charge of cooking, I can still check the comments on my phone for the stream. Today is a collaboration, so the streaming format is different from the usual without any on-screen footage, but it’s still the same in that regard.

…Well, it’s too much trouble to point that out, so I’ll just ignore it. Even if I do point it out, it won’t stop anyway.

Anyway, let’s get started with cooking quickly. First, take out the ingredients from the bag–


「Stop right there! Botan-san, where did you just take that out from?」

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

「It’s not a matter of ‘what’s wrong’. Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, something just came out of that small leather pouch, right? That’s the leftover from the initial promotional stream, isn’t it?」



That’s right, what I just took out was half of the crayfish we used before. Since seafood was requested, I thought I’d dispose of the leftovers as well.


“…Ah. Could it be that you’re concerned about freshness and stuff? It’s okay, time has stopped properly. It’s still fresh.”

「That’s not it!! Don’t give me more things to nitpick on!? That’s clearly not the right size!? It’s not the good one to be in that size of bag, right!?」

“It’s a 【Space Bag】. It’s like an item box, where you can store various things in a subspace. And it also has a time stop function, which is a great feature.”

「Is that really a thing!?」


: An item box, is it really a thing that exists!?

: Hey, you even have a space bag!?

: Isn’t that something that only governments have!? Why do you own one!?

Mikoto Miko: Um, excuse me, kouhais…?

: …How much was it again, in the news that came out before? I think it was around 40 billion yen in Japanese currency when America bought it…

: The listeners who seem to be explorers are screaming like crazy.

: 40 billion!?

: It makes sense when you think about it in fiction, but…

: Scary, scary, scary, scary.


The comments section is in complete chaos, it’s hilarious. By the way, the atmosphere in the studio is also frozen to the point of petrification, and it’s the worst environment to be in.


「…Botan-san? I see some really scary comments popping up. Is that leather bag you’re casually putting in your pocket one of those items that you shouldn’t mention during the stream?」

“Well, not really. This is a unique item, an acquisition-only item obtained by defeating a special monster. Only the person who acquired it can use it, and no one else can even touch it. So its asset value is zero. If it were a general-use item, it would definitely be worth a lot of money, though.”


Unfortunately, unique items are kind of like skills, you know? They have a large capacity despite being only able to store non-living things, and they come with a time-stopping function, making it the best spatial bag in the world. But since only I can use it, buying and selling it is completely impossible. It could have been worth billions if it could be sold, though.


: I’m just saying it casually, but be careful about your safety, Yamagami.

: Idiots can be found anywhere.

: It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but dangerous people from other countries might come after you.

: The potential for misuse is too great.

: Is this really a comment section for a VTuber? (trembling voice)

: Yamagami-san, weren’t you from a race that shouldn’t be out in public…?


“Ah, that area is fine. Don’t worry.”


While filleting a crawfish with a kitchen knife, I soothe the groundless fears of the commenters.

I’m not worried at all since I’m capable of handling myself no matter what happens, and it seems like my family and friends have subtly arranged for my protection. Whenever he goes to meet someone, he usually senses the presence of someone familiar nearby.

Moreover, according to some people in public safety and related fields whom I have some connection with, there are hardly any organisations these days that would pick a fight with an extreme explorer like me. They say that once someone becomes invincible out of a desire for revenge, the ones who messed with them are completely screwed. It’s understandable when you consider the case of the dungeon general in the Middle East.

They have no chance of winning with brute force, and yet they’re constantly engaged in killing monsters every day, so the fear of being attacked after being prepared for the worst is easy to imagine. This is precisely what constitutes deterrence. In fact, those lawless people who are accustomed to violence may find such imaginings easier to come up with.


“Well, anyway. Here you go. Sashimi and grilled dish for the appetiser. You can use this seasoning for the sashimi to your liking, and for the grilled dish, you can use this gas stove. Since you requested seafood, can I assume that you can eat shellfish too?”

「Ah, yeah. That’s fine… Wait, no, that’s not what I meant. It’s just that, unexpected things keep happening one after another, and it’s really bad for my heart. I’m starting to regret this collaboration, to be honest.」

“Then, why don’t you eat something delicious and calm down? If you do that, you won’t care about the small things anymore.”

「I’m telling you, it’s not a small thing.」


As Raika-san looked at me with narrowed eyes, I gestured for her to eat. While Raika-san reacted to the food, I made a soup by cutting up vegetables and chopping up the crayfish with the shells, simmering them together. When it was time, I would dissolve miso in it.

“Hmm, there’s still a decent amount left. Even if I use it for appetisers, I won’t be able to finish it all. And I don’t want to use too much because it’s not the main dish.”

For now, I quickly filleted the remaining fish, cut it into small pieces and put it on a plate.


“What’s up, Raika-san? You’re staring at me. It’s just an appetiser, why don’t you eat it quickly?”

「It’s hard to ignore when you’re showing me an anime-like cooking scene right in front of me.」

“It’s a common scene in my livestreams. The ingredients are chopped in an instant.”

「But it’s different when you actually see it. So, what about that mountain of sashimi?」

“We have leftovers, so we’ll give it to the staff. Raika-san, eat it and give us your review quickly.”


: You are considerate, that’s amazing!

: The staff are a bit restless, it’s funny.

: Well, in fancy restaurants, even just a few slices of sashimi can cost thousands of yen.

: If you suddenly receive a gift like this, of course, you would be happy.

: This will skyrocket the Yamagami’s favorability on the set.


“Well, to be honest, this is just a serious leftover. Even though Mane-san received it with great appreciation, it’s actually the opposite where we feel sorry for giving it to him. We asked for the leftovers to be disposed of, and the plating is also just roughly done.”


「Hmm, alright! If the staff have all gotten some too, let’s eat together! It’s more enjoyable to eat these things with everyone, don’t you think?」

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

「Should we include Botan-san as well?」

“No, I’m the chef after all. Even if I’m eating, I’ll do it behind the scenes. But don’t worry about me.”


I’ll make the sushi rice that we’ll use for the main course, so please don’t worry about it. And also, I want to observe other people’s reactions in a calm state. It’ll definitely be interesting.


“OK. Well then, everyone, do you have your chopsticks? Alright, let’s say it together. Itadakimasu!”

” ” “Itadakimasu!” ” ” “

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