Ch 82

The day of the date.


It’s supposed to start snowing around noon today. It’s called a white Christmas. Besides…… I bought a present in advance today. Will she be happy? I walk thinking so.


Our usual meeting place is in front of the station. The time is 9:30. I could have gone to Reika’s house, but she didn’t want to do that. It’s our first date, so he wants to make sure we meet up properly.


I exhale and it’s white. I shoved my empty hands into my pockets and headed to the meeting place, arriving well before the time.


I look around, but Reika is nowhere to be seen.


“Hey, Yuu-kun.”


“Hmm? Reika?”


Where is she?




My face is tilted.




“Yes, that’s right. It’s Yu-kun’s girlfriend, Reika.”


Reika, wearing glasses, smiles.


“Why glasses?”


“Moo Yuu-kun? Don’t you have anything else to say?”

Reika spins around on the spot.


She is wearing a white knit one-piece dress and a duffle coat, and her bag has the bear strap I gave her before.


I think it goes well with Reika’s mature atmosphere. She is beautiful. And yet, she winks at me, as if she wants me to look at her, which I find adorable. Cute and beautiful, pretty and beautiful? I’m not sure.


“I love you, Reika.”


“… Mou, Yuu-kun. Just being cute is enough for me.”


At once, her expression turns sullen and she grabs my hand.


“I love you too, Yuu-kun, so let’s go.”




Reika takes my hand and we start walking together.


We took the train and came to the aquarium, which took about 30 minutes. It seems that the nearby plaza is illuminated at night with lights and a Christmas tree.


“Hey, take a look.”




Reika pulled me along, and when I looked, I saw two penguins walking close together. One penguin looked a little uncomfortable, while the other penguin was sticking close.


“Somehow……. It’s just like us before.”


“Fufu. That’s right. She’s kind of cute.”


“I guess so. Ah, let’s see what’s next.”




In my heart, I encouraged the penguins to be honest as soon as possible.


After that, we watched the dolphin show, and it was just about noon.


In front of me, Reika was soaking up the afterglow of the dolphin show. She likes dolphins a lot, and when she was little, she saw a dolphin show once and fell in love with them. 


“I loved the dolphins. Now I like bears too.”


Then she pats the little bear on her bag.


“I was happy. It was the first time Yu-kun gave me something that was properly addressed to me.”


“I see.”


Reika smiles happily. I’m a little embarrassed for some reason, probably because it’s a date.


“Fufu. Okay, I’ll see you this afternoon……. Ah. Come to think of it. I almost forgot because I was having so much fun on my date with Yu-kun. That’s why…….”


“Hmm? What?”


Reika mumbles and speaks alone.


“Well, let’s go to the bookstore this afternoon.”




After lunch, we came to the bookstore that Reika wanted to go to.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Last year, I used to come here to buy reference books and other books to relax. Well… I didn’t read books until after I finished the exam.


“You know… Yuu-kun. Do you remember this place?”


“Huh? Huh? This place?”


Did we ever come to a bookstore together?


“Haa…… I knew you didn’t remember. I had a feeling from the first time we met.”


“Hmm, Eh?”


“This is where we met last year. I was dressed like this, but I was so embarrassed that I wore my hat too deep.”


Hmm……? Hmm…………………… Ah? Eh? I wonder if it was that shy girl. She was looking down, so I couldn’t see much of her face.


As I recall, at that time……


“I dropped my book, didn’t I?”


“Oh, you remember? Yes, and I picked it up.”


“So… when I said thanks, you ran away.”


“Uuu…… But now I can do things like this.”


Then she hugs my arm.


“Well, back then, I never thought it would turn out like this.”


“……I see”


Reika says with deep emotion. Many things have happened since I entered the school. So I guess I can only say, I see.


“Yu-kun. What book do you recommend?”


“Let’s see………”


Time passed happily after that, and it was time for the illumination to be turned on. There were a few people there. We were in an open area a short distance away from the tree. As predicted, a little snow had been falling since noon.


“We’re almost there, Yu-kun.”


“Yes, we’re almost there.”


When the lights come on, I’ll give you a present.


Thirty seconds to go. The college students start to count, and gradually everyone else begins to count.


30 seconds.


15 seconds………………… Eh? I must be looking at the wrong thing.


Thirteen, twelve,


No! I’m not looking at it wrong!


Nine, eight, seven, six,


That woman’s running this way.


Sorry!! I pushed Reika away. I…………………


Three, two, one, “Merry Christmas!”


“Why, why, why!!!”


The knife that the bitch swung at me stabs deep into my hand. Blood drips from my hand, staining the white snow red.


It’s bleeding and it doesn’t stop.

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