D.F. Ch.23

Ch 23: Important Announcement Part 2

— In a calm and collected manner. But with clear contempt, we will declare war on the fools.


“Did you think you could get away with it because people were ignoring you? You idiots. We just didn’t bother to bring it to the surface. I’m not kind enough to deal with tantrum-throwing toddlers who whine about everything they don’t like.”


: Oh okay…

[This message has been deleted]

: Yamagami-san is really angry huh…

: Wait, that’s scary. The difference from their usual self is making me freeze to death.

: Well, they deserve it

: Even Anti-kun is getting worked up


I can tell the listeners are getting unsettled. Well, that’s natural. My tone and attitude are not what I usually use in my streams, but right now, I am truly in combat mode.

My weapon is words. It’s a different battleground from my usual combat, but that’s all. There’s no need to be afraid. I don’t care if this leads to another uproar. Legally and morally, we are in a superior position. And, most importantly, we have permission from the management.

So, I’ll do it. From this point on, I won’t be VTuber Yamagami Botan, but I’ll act as the Yozakura Shishio, the explorer.


“I’ll tell you this now, but since my debut until today, all the comments that cross the line have been archived. I’ve already reported them to management, and we’ve taken action. What do you guys think Denjilas is?”


You’re not saying you forgot, right? Our agency has been made to suffer by people like you for a long time. We’ve had a past where we were pushed to the brink.

We can’t just sit still. We’re even more proactive than I am. They’re cooperating with us like they’re going to wipe us out.


“Regarding this matter, I will work closely with the administration to thoroughly investigate it. We will pursue not only those idiots who made clear threats, but also those who are judged to be malicious in consultation with the administration. We have also arranged for a lawyer.”


: You’re ready for a full-scale war!

[This message has been deleted]

: I guess it’s time for you to pay your dues.

[This message has been deleted]

: I’d like to support you on this. It’s good for the rest of us if you take a firm stand.

: I’m not so sure about Denjilas. That’s right, they’re going to do everything they can to get rid of us.

[This message has been deleted]

[This message has been deleted]


… There’s no saving this. Even after giving them a warning, they still post comments that get them banned by the moderators.

Well, I am curious about the psychology behind their actions. Do they believe that they are safe and have no sense of crisis? Are they getting heated because they don’t like my tone? Or do they understand the danger but cannot back down? … Ah, there’s also a possibility that they see this declaration of war as a bluff.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what their reason is. The task at hand is simple. We must corner them thoroughly and leave an indelible stain on their lives.


“When the letter comes, brace yourself. I don’t care if we’re in the red. Unfortunately, I have no money worries. We won’t settle, but rather we’ll find a solution. You guys are going to be an example. The price of playing rough online is going to be paid by you guys for the rest of your lives.”


: This is game over.

: I wonder if this is a criminal record course from criminal charges…

[This message has been deleted]

: I’m sorry. Forgive me.

[This message has been deleted]

: It’s been said that people who don’t usually seem to get angry are the worst when they do.

[This message has been deleted]

[This message has been deleted]

: That’s what happens when you fight with people who have money and time.

: I’m not a sandbag. They are not sandbags. You can’t complain if they hit you back.


Hmm. Putting aside the antis, the reactions from listeners with normal sensibilities have been great. At least, there haven’t been any negative opinions. As a listener, it means that there was something they felt strongly about.

Also, I’ve been seeing more apology comments popping up lately. The number of deleted comments seems to have decreased slightly as well.

But, I ignore all those apologies. People who engage in slanderous behavior will get worse if you forgive them, and they’ll never understand until they experience the consequences.

Moreover, I don’t know if those apologizing are the same accounts that have made disclosure requests. By apologizing, they must have realized that they were making a fuss, but that’s all there is to it.

Honestly, I don’t understand. Even though I was taking screenshots of those comments, it was completely mechanical work. I can’t tell apart other antis unless they’re familiar faces. If we just get rid of all of them at once, it won’t be a problem.

It really hits me how strong it is to have no worries about money. It becomes the ultimate weapon in situations like this. In normal circumstances, one would consider costs and limit the number of people, but we can wipe them out altogether.


“Personally, I hope that this reduces the number of antis in the VTuber industry as a whole. You know how sometimes people hang crows in fields? I hope my anti-fans become crows after this incident.”


: Crow in the field www

[This message has been deleted]

: Sorry, I’m sorry! I will never be anti-anything again!

: I’ll never be an anti ever again!

[This message has been deleted]

: That’s why you’re a socially acceptable zero- in the anti-field.

: I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be anti-anything again!

: I’m not a “crow” anymore, but I’m a crow in the field. They deserve what they get.


Yeah, I won’t show any mercy. It doesn’t matter if the person is a student, a housewife, or a salaryman, or what kind of background they come from. Attacking others means that you shouldn’t complain if you get counterattacked. If the counterattack is in accordance with the law, they have no right to complain.

And the conclusion will be decided by the judiciary. Personally, I’d like to leave a mark on their careers, but if that doesn’t work out, then that’s that… Well, according to my lawyer, it’s a “winning game”.


“So, from now on, please wait for information from the official source. I might inform you about any progress through my streaming or something, but it depends on the permission from the management.”


: Understood.

: Looking forward to updates.

[This message has been deleted]

: Do your best without overdoing it. I feel like worrying unnecessarily, though.

: I hope the management will give permission…

: Why are you ignoring me even though I apologized!? Say something!

: I’m cheering for you.


“T h a t ‘ s    r i g h t.”


That concludes my mention… Well, I responded reflexively, but seriously Anti-kun, come on. This is what they mean by a headache. If you’re being stalked by these kinds of people, most people would break down. I can understand why that senior ended up holding a razor. They didn’t want to, but…


“…Sigh. Well, that’s why we’re done talking about things like slander. Let’s move on to the next topic, or rather, the main topic.”


I temporarily deactivate combat mode. I put on the guise of the “mountain lord” button and relax a bit.

Honestly, I’m feeling really exhausted. But this is still just the opening act, or more like a prologue. The purpose was to set the tone before we get into the main topic, which is guaranteed to get even more heated than this.


“Assuming everyone will approach the main topic with decorum after what I just said, I would like to discuss my response to Irohane Uta, a member of LiveLa’s agency.’ 


:Wait, are you going to talk about that too!? Not just the defamation?

:Are you going to help Utachan?

[The message has been deleted]

:Hey, is that even okay? I mean, I’m definitely curious but…

:Is it okay to talk about it in the stream? I’m sure Yamakami has gotten proper permission and all, but still…

:I thought for sure he wouldn’t touch on that topic…


As expected, the comments section became restless. Although it all started from my comment, I didn’t expect it to be mentioned like this. No matter how much people make noise, there is no connection between me and Utachan.

However, if I don’t address this issue, the commotion won’t end. It has spread too much to be naturally extinguished without mentioning it in public.

 “First of all, please understand that what I’m about to talk about is something for which I have obtained permission not only from Denjilas but also from LiveLa. Please keep that in mind.”


This is not a personal statement of feelings. It is more like an official answer that will be given after confirming with the other party… Hm?


“Oh, sorry, just a moment. My kitten is meowing for something. Probably milk. I’m sorry, but let’s take a break for now. Serious mode off.”


: Wait!?

: Are you going to leave us hanging here!?

: Lol!

: Come on, don’t mess around! Talk about Utachan already!!

: The kitten… well, can’t be helped.

: This is the righteous move of a cat owner.

: Yamakami-kun, are you going to ignite the situation again with a cat?


There’s no point in saying something like that. Animals can’t understand human circumstances.

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