B.P. Ch.6

Ch 6 “Tell me senpai”

◼︎Akira Side

That is why I came to Aya’s house.

It seems that a family of three lives in one room of a three-story apartment building. I went to Aya’s room, which is quite a girly room. There are stuffed animals and cute cushions. And it smells nice.

“Oh, Senpai. Sit down there and wait for me. I’ll go make you some barley tea.”

“Oh. Don’t mind me.”

“Senpai… don’t go through my underwear, okay?”

“I won’t!”

“Ahahaha❤︎ By the way, the underwear are in the second shelf from the bottom of the wardrobe.”

Hoh, it’s the second row from the bottom. I won’t look, okay?

After a short wait, Aya brought barley tea.

“Here you go. Senpai, would you like to put some sugar cubes in it?”

“What, you put sugar cubes in your barley tea?”

“Oh, you don’t put it in? It tastes good.”

“No, I’m good.”

Aya’s lips pouted in dissatisfaction. I’m going to give you a little kiss if you have such pretty lips, okay?

“So, senpai. I’d like to talk to you about something… Aya has a boyfriend right now, but things aren’t going very well with him…”

So that’s what you want to talk about. Well, let’s hear it.

“What’s he like? Your boyfriend.”

“He is a classmate of mine, Takuya-kun, and we are in different grades, but he is so good at soccer that he has been a regular in the soccer team since he was a freshman. He confessed to me when I went to cheer for soccer in the cheerleading squad. He was good-looking, so I thought it was okay. So we started going out…”

So he was a regular on the soccer team and good-looking. I hope he dies.

“Then, about a month after we started dating, maybe? Takuya-kun kissed me and started to be a bit of a jerk. It was like, ‘Listen to me.’ or ‘You belong to me.’”

What can I say, it is common for virgins. Well, I don’t know how I feel.

“So, lately he has been asking for something naughty, oh, I haven’t let it go till the end. He’s so gruff, scary, and violent! He doesn’t understand, does he? Girls are sensitive! You should take better care of them!”

She’s getting more and more heated.

“And then he touches my breasts, but it hurts and it doesn’t feel good at all! And when he touched my vagina, it hurt and I didn’t like it, he told me he is going to rub it with his hand! Isn’t that the worst? And to top it all off, he said to me, ‘Aren’t you insensitive?’ I was like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’”

Oh, wow. That’s the worst.

“I’m so mad at him that I haven’t even been on line with him lately! Senpai! What do you think⁉︎”

“Well… that’s your boyfriend’s fault. Girls should be treated gently, and selfishness is not good.”

“Right, right! You know what I’m talking about〜❤︎”

I understand how Aya feels. He is just trying to make himself feel better when he’s not making the other person feel better…

“… So? Senpai. Here is the real consultation. Takuya said that I’m insensitive and I’m worried about it… If that’s really the case, I’ll be in trouble when I get married, won’t I? So senpai… will you try to touch me to check if I am insensitive or not…?”

“Haa?! No, no, no, I can’t do that, can I?”

“Because! Akira-senpai is the only one I can ask to do this! I can’t ask anyone else! Akira-senpai seems to have a lot of time on his hands, and he’s Sakura’s big brother, so he wouldn’t attack Aya, right? Please〜, I’m worried too! I won’t tell Sakura for sure〜!!”

It’s so uplifting… It’s a perk to touch a pretty girl like Aya…

“… Okay, so it’s light, right? Just a touch, right? We just need to know if you’re insensitive or not.”

“Yes! Thank you, Akira-senpai, I love you so much❤︎”

What an emotionless love.

I’m really not in the mood for this…


◼Aya Side

The senior who I hadn’t seen in a long time was somehow more mature.

He is Sakura’s older brother and an ordinary guy with no special characteristics. My best friend Sakura is a beautiful girl who surprised even me. At first I wondered if they were really blood siblings. I doubted it.

But Sakura loved her brother and was a real brother complex. When I was introduced to Sakura in junior high school and met her for the first time, I wasn’t particularly impressed with her… However, I found out that Sakura loved her big brother. It seems that she is trying to attract the attention of Senpai by acting as a tsundere for some reason now.

I know I’m going off topic, but the senpai I knew was kind but brash and not immune to girls. He was cute and shy when I made fun of him, wasn’t he? I was a bit of a mischievous myself, so I used to play with him like he was my plaything.

However, after seeing him for the first time in a long time, I felt that he was very mature and relaxed. When I got tangled up with a couple of scary Yankees.

I was so scared that I found Akira-senpai and asked him for help, feeling bad for involving him, but he solved the problem in no time!

… It was a little cool

So, maybe my senpai could solve my problems? I was hoping that maybe my senpai would be able to solve my problems. It’s not like I’m going to lose anything, right? Also it will be a secret to Sakura.

“Hah… I’m not in the mood for this.”

“Mooooooo! Senpai! You can touch a beautiful girl like Aya for free, right? Please be happy about it!”

“Don’t call yourself a beautiful girl. Well, I do think you’re a beautiful girl, right?”

“Hehehe…❤︎ I got a compliment.”

“Let’s touch it, shall we?”

Ugh… I’m a little nervous… Will he touch my boobs out of the blue…? What if I don’t feel it?

Senpai reached out and put his hand on my cheek. Then he stroked Aya’s neck and…

“ーーー⁉︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎” Thrilling!

Hey, what’s this…? feels so good❤︎!

“What was that…? It was amazing, I’m thrilled?”

“Here, let’s continue, shall we?”

Senpai said so and put his hand on my ear…

“Nyaaaaah❤︎ What is that? I’m so nervous…❤︎ Senpai…? What did you do?”

“What do you mean, I’m just touching you like a normal person. Here’s the next one.”

Next, senpai stroked my hair and gently patted my head.

Oh, it feels so good…❤︎ I’m just being stroked…❤︎ Why does it feel so good…❤︎

“Yeah. It’s okay. Aya is not insensitive, okay? It’s just that your boyfriend is not very good at touching you. Don’t worry about it.”

Huh? Is it over already…? Finally, I knew it felt good for a little while, but… no, it’s not over yet!

“Senpai… ♪ I’m still insecure… So please try kissing me this time.”

“… You have a boyfriend, so stop.”

“I’ll do it myself. Nchu…❤︎”

Hamu❤︎ Muchu… Rero…

Was that a bit bold? But I want to know… I want to know what really feels good.

We kept our lips together for a while, and the moment senpai finally responded to meーーー.

“—–⁉︎ ~~~❤︎ nmu⁉︎ nnn❤︎ naaa❤︎”

What is this? It’s like an electric current ran through my body❤︎ What is the kiss I’ve been doing so far? Is this a real kiss?

I was slowly being violated in the mouth, and my head was tickling, it just felt so good.

“Puha! That’s enough, isn’t it? Are you satisfied?”

“Nnn❤︎ Se, Senpai’s kiss… is amazing❤︎”

“I’m not going to go any further, so I’m going to leave it at that.”

Why? How can you resist? If it were Takuya-kun, he wouldn’t be able to hold back and I would be attacked for sure.

No, I still want to know, I want to know more. Tell me more, more? Senpai❤︎

“No❤︎ not yet, this time please check… this way❤︎”

I said and unbuttoned my uniform blouse.

Thank goodness. I was wearing my favorite pink bra today. I’m not embarrassed to be seen.

“You know… I’m not going to be able to stand it either, okay?”

“I want to know❤︎ You can do whatever you want with my tits…❤︎ Tell me what feels good to me, Senpai❤︎”

Oh❤︎ touch me❤︎


The way you touch me is gentle…❤︎ It feels good to be touched gently depending on whether you touch it or not…❤︎

“Nya⁉︎ ~ ~ ~ ❤︎ Ni, nipples❤︎ they’re hard, ah, hmm, ah, ah❤︎❤︎❤︎”

Before I knew it, my bra had been removed and my nipples were touching the mouth of my senpai…

“〜〜〜!? Ahhhh❤︎❤︎❤︎ it feels good❤︎ my nipples feels good❤︎ do it more❤︎ ahhhh❤︎”

My vagina is soaking wet❤︎ I can feel it myself…❤︎ I’ve never been this wet before❤︎

“Senpaa-i❤︎ please… touch this one too?”

I prodigiously rolled up my skirt and showed my wet panties to my senpai.

“You’re so wet, aren’t you? Where’s the insensitivity?”

“I’m sure it’s because of senpai. I’ve never had that happen before. I’ve already forgotten Takuya’s kisses…❤︎ I want your kisses❤︎”

When I said that, senpai kissed me gently and…

“Mmm❤︎ ah❤︎ reroo… chupa❤︎hmmmmm!”

It feels good❤︎ Kissing feels… good❤︎

“Then I’m going to touch you down there too, okay? Aya, tell me to touch your pussy?”

“I’m so embarrassed…❤︎”

“Then I won’t touch you. Say it.”

“Touch my pussy… Aya’s pussy…?”

“Good, good girl.”

“Hmm⁉︎ Ahhhhhhhhh❤︎❤︎❤︎”

As he gently rubbed my clitoris, I felt a jolt of electricity run through my body.

“Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎ Ahhhhhhh❤︎”

“Can I lightly insert my finger into your vagina too?”

Guchu Guchu Guchu Guchu

“Hiyaan❤︎ Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎ No, no, something, something, is coming❤︎”

“You’re about to cum, aren’t you? Good, come once. Say it when you’re cumming.”

Sensei’s finger moves a little harder and overruns my pussy.

“Ah❤︎ ah❤︎ I’m cumming❤︎ I’m cumming❤︎ ahhhhh❤︎”

Pshhhh…! Pshhhhhhhhhh❤︎

Oh❤︎ something came out of me❤︎

My consciousness ceased there.

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