B.P. Ch.7

Ch 7 “I want to give you my first time”

▪️ Side Akira

Hmmm… Did I go a little overboard?

Aya climaxed and fainted. But you know what? She’s cuter than I thought. She’s panting like a cat, you know? Her tits and pussy are soft, and her skin is smooth and nice to the touch.

But she’s a virgin…? She’s Sakira’s best friend, so I guess I’ll have to hold back. Hmmm, maybe I should go to Rumi’s house? But I can’t stand it. Let’s go home when Aya wakes up.

After about five minutes, Aya woke up.

“Hmm… that? I’m sleeping… Senpai⁉︎”

“Oh. Did you wake up? How is it, Aya? Did it feel good?”

“That’s like climbing to heaven… wait, senpai…. Why are you changing?”

Aya looked at me with a stern look.

“Why… that’s because I’m leaving, isn’t it?”

“Why? You can’t go home yet! Anyway, how long have I been asleep?”

“About five minutes?”

“Oh… it was good. I’m still okay with the time… Senpai! Why are you going home while leaving me in such a state?”

“I’m just saying, Aya, you’re a virgin, right? I can’t go all the way, so let’s just call it a night, okay?”

“Mmm… You’ll take Aya’s virginity! Isn’t that enough? Aya is already in a state of debauchery, right? You should have attacked me.”

“Attack you… you’re a precious virgin, aren’t you? I’m sure you’ll be able to feel it, so why don’t you give it to your boyfriend?”

“No, no! I understand! I won’t give Aya’s virginity to that ogler! I’m breaking up with him! So…❤︎ Please get Aya’s virginity! Kya❤︎ “

“You… If I touch Aya, Sakura will hate me! There’s no way I can do that.”

“I won’t tell Sakira! I won’t even ask you to go out with me! Senpai❤︎”

“Hmm… it’s no good. Actually, mine is extraordinarily big. So I don’t think I should force Aya to do it for the first time…”

“Heh? It’s big~❤︎ If you’re senpai, you’re going to show off~❤︎ Aya won’t laugh at you even if you’re small, so don’t be shy~❤︎ Come on, I’ll undress you!”

“Whoa, hey⁉︎”

When Aya pulls his pants off,


My penis slithered wildly. When Aya saw this, she got teary-eyed and her mouth started to water while pointing at my penis.

“Senpai⁉︎ What is this…?”

“That’s why I told you? I can’t.”

“Because this… is much bigger than Takuya’s cock, isn’t it? It’s as big as a child’s arm.”

“So give up. It’s better to be normal for the first time. It hurts less.”

It’s hard to do this with a virgin. If I show them my enhanced penis, they will give up.

“… I don’t like it. I don’t like it! I’m fine, I’m totally fine! I’ll show you that I’m fine, and I’ll lick your cock.”

“Oh, hey!? It’s Impossible…”

Lelo, Perot, Ham, Nguyen.

Aya tries her best to keep her mouth full. It feels good, but she’s got tears in her eyes…

“Hamu, Ue…⁉︎ Puha, ne❤︎ It’s going to be okay, right? Aya can do it.”

Damn… this girl… I can’t help it…

“Okay, okay, I lost. But if I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to have to unwind a lot, okay? Straddle me and point your pussy at me.”

“What…? Straddle you? I’m so embarrassed❤︎ It’s completely exposed! Aya’s pussy…❤︎”

“Just turn your ass around. Let’s go.”

Aya fearfully straddled my face, exposing her pussy, and I sucked on it.

Chur, Chururu, Lero, Lero Lero.

“Hey, hey, hey❤︎ ah❤ ah❤ If you suck like that, I’ll lose my clit❤︎”

“Here, let me put my finger in there too.”

“Oh, oh, my pussy feels so good, it’s being teased, it’s being teased, Aya’s pussy is being teased❤︎”

Aya’s pussy is so tight. This looks so good. It’s sucking on my finger. Then, I’m going to lightly press on her G-spot.

“Eh!?❤︎ Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎ Ahhhhhhhh❤︎ Oh, there, that’s great, that feels so good❤︎ I’m going to go❤︎ I’m going to go❤︎”

Is it getting better now?


I call her name and rub my penis against her pussy.

“Huh…? Oh❤︎”

It seems that she understood that it would be inserted from now on.

“Senpai…. It’s fine as it is, okay?”

“Oh, I see. I’m not wearing a condom.”

“I’m fine… just in case it’s a safe day. I want to feel it directly for the first time❤︎”

“I’m going to insert it slowly, so if it hurts, tell me.”

“Please take Aya’s first… time❤︎”

Aya with her honeyed smile was very attractive. Oh man, I’m getting harder and harder.

Tsupu… Zuzuzuzu…

“〜〜〜〜⁉︎ nnngggghhhh⁉︎”

The moment of the breakdown came when the flesh of her soft flesh was gouged open by the too-evil rod.


“It hurts…!?”
“Aya… are you okay?”

“Oh, I’m fine, it’s just a little bit painful.”

“Take it easy, okay? I’ll hold still a little.”

I patted her head saying so.

“Hehehe❤︎Senpai, you’re so sweet❤︎”

“Damn it… Don’t you regret that I’m Aya’s first partner?”

“Oh… I don’t think so! You are a wonderful first partner❤︎”


“Senpai❤︎ Miyuki told me that…. A man with a big penis is an excellent male who pleases women. So, since Aya was turned into a female by a superior male, Senpai is a wonderful partner❤︎”

“Is Miyuki that half-breed girl?”

“Yes❤︎ She’s very vulgur, you know. She like off-color humor.”

A beautiful girl like that, hey…? Looks can be deceiving.

“Senpai… can you move now?”

“Hmm? Are you okay now?”

“It doesn’t hurt much anymore. And… you want to move too, don’t you? It’s twitching inside Aya’s vagina.”

“Well… it feels so good just to be inside Aya’s vagina.”

“Ehehe❤︎ I’m so happy❤︎ Aya made you feel better? Senpai❤︎”

Isn’t she cute, damn it? Well, let’s move as much as we can.

“Let’s go, shall we?”

I started to slowly shake my hips. Now, I’m going to rely on the appraisal. Aya’s weak point is…

I’m getting a little tingly…❤︎ Hmmm, ah❤︎ I’m getting a thrilling feeling.”

That’s good. You’re starting to feel it, aren’t you? Next, lightly touch the back of the vagina…

Phan, phan, phan, phan.

“Hya❤︎ Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎ That❤︎ Nmm❤︎ It may feel good❤︎ more, please❤︎”

Aya’s vagina is getting wiggly…⁉︎ This is amazing. It feels too good, doesn’t it?

“Guh⁉︎ Aya’s vagina is awesome. It feels too good.”

“Oh, really…? Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎ It’s starting to feel good too❤ ︎That’s good❤”

Phan, phan, phan, phan.

“I feel so good❤︎ Senpai❤︎ More❤︎ more❤︎ more❤︎”

Wow⁉︎ What the hell is Aya’s vagina… sucking on me like a vacuum⁉︎This is not going to last! Her skin is so moist and comfortable to hold. Is it called “sticky skin”?

“Aya! I’m sorry, I can’t hold it.”

Phan, phan, phan, phan.

“Nyyaaaaahhhh❤︎ Senpai so fierce❤︎ ahhhhh❤︎”

“I’m going to ejaculate!”

(Dopuru Ruru Ruru Do Pyu Dobururu)

“Ohhhhhh❤︎ It’s hot…❤︎ My belly is getting hot❤︎❤︎❤︎”

Oh~… Oh no. I ejaculated in the vagina. I know I said it was a safe day, but it’s not good…?

“I’m sorry, Aya. I ejaculated in your vagina.”

“Nnn❤︎ It’s okay. My stomach is warm… I’m so happy❤︎”

Don’t say cute things. Even so, Aya’s vagina is amazing. I’m going to get addicted to it.

“Hey, hey…? Your dick is still hard…? Doesn’t a man’s penis get smaller when he takes it out?”

“Hmm? Aya’s vagina feels so good. I’m sure you haven’t cummed yet, right?”

“Oh, really…? What, I’m kind of happy about that…❤︎ Well then, do you want to do it again?”

“… Are you sure you’re okay with that? No, I’d like to if I could.”

“It’s okay❤︎ Aya is feeling better now❤︎ Senpai’s cock, give it to Aya❤︎ Nnnhhh❤︎ suddenly ahhh❤︎❤︎❤︎”

Phan, phan, phan, phan.

“Oh, that so good❤︎ it’s so hard❤︎ more❤︎ please give me more❤︎”

“I’ll do it until you cum this time! Come on!”

“Nnhii⁉︎❤︎ Aaaaahhh❤︎ ahhhhhhhh❤︎”

Phan, phan, phan, phan.

“Ah❤︎ no❤︎ oh my god, I’m cumming❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎〜〜〜〜❤︎ cumming❤︎”

“Aya, I’m gonna cum too, okay?”

(Dopuru Dopuru Bururu Dopyu)

“Ohhhh, It’s coming again❤︎❤︎❤︎ Senpai’s hot semen❤︎ It’s coming again❤︎❤︎❤︎ It feels so good❤︎ I’m coming❤︎ nghhhhhhh❤︎〜〜〜”

“Whoa, geez!”

“Hah, ha, ha, ha, senpai❤︎”

Aya clung to me tightly.

Wow. It came out really fast. Aya’s vagina is really amazing. Oh… I got an erection again. I think I can do it again.

As it was, we went into the third session without pulling out.


▪️ Aya Side

“Senpai’s beast…”

“… Sorry.”

“I can’t believe you ejaculated vaginally all over Aya like that for the first time…”

“…It was bad.”

My first experience is over… Let’s be honest about what I think…

It was really nice!!!

I really thought my body was going to melt!

It seems like a lie that I was suffering from insensitivity! I was so happy when I felt his hot dick inside my vagina. The kiss also felt good…❤︎ But I’m sure it’s because it’s senpai, isn’t it? I’m sure it won’t be like this with Takuya, and in conclusion, senpai is too good at it and Takuya is too bad at it.

But what should I do…? I want Senpai to be my boyfriend, but I promised not to ask him to go out with me, and even if we do go out, what will Sakura say…? Even just imagining it, it’s obvious that that brocon is going to go off the rails, isn’t it? In that case, should I keep it a secret from Sakura for now and break it down with just a physical relationship? Because Senpai’s sex feels good❤︎ Let’s go with this line!

“Then… first of all, give Aya a kiss as punishment❤︎”

“What? Well, that’s okay…”

Chuu, rello, nchu❤︎ nfu❤︎ It feels good.

“Next, stroke Aya’s head, okay?”

Whew…❤︎ After all, Senpai’s hands feel good~❤︎ …Oops, no time for debauchery.

“I’ll forgive you, but please have sex with Aya once in a while, okay?”

“Why⁉︎ It’s no good.”

“Hey, Senpai…. Please think about it carefully, okay? Aya was made into a naughty body by Senpai… and she can’t be satisfied with any other body. Even her vagina is shaped for Senpai’s dick.”

“No… that’s…”

“That’s why! It doesn’t matter until Aya finds a man who is more than Senpai, until then Senpai should deal with me❤︎”

“And if you want Senpai… Cosplay sex is also good❤︎”

“Co, cosplay?”


“Ch, cheerleader…⁉︎”

“And how about a cat ear maid❤︎?”

“Cat ears… maid…!?”

“Kufufu❤︎ Is there a reaction?”

“Ggh… well, if Aya is okay with it…”

“Then it’s decided. I’ll be your guest❤︎ Senpai❤︎”


But you know, Senpai…

It’s not easy to find a man who’s more than just a senpai… uhn… You’ll never find one, you know?


You’ll always be Aya’s partner, right? Senpai❤︎

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