F.G. Ch.14

Ch 14 Noboru and Sana

The next morning, I sent a message to Noboru and he replied. He responded back pretty fast. Noboru sent me a message asking what I wanted. I told Noboru that you can have sex with Sana. The meeting place was Takatsuki station. Me, Sana and Noboru gather at the station.

“Noboru, I didn’t expect you to show up at all.”

“I’d give anything if I could have sex with Sana.”

Noboru was full of enthusiasm. Sana was getting closer to me little by little. At this point, Noboru had lost and I had won.

“Sana, can I hold you?”

Noboru looks at Sana’s face and says. Sana looks at my face and gives me a look. I quietly shake my head. Sana sees this and turns to face Noboru to signal a reply.

“Alright, my Sana. I’m going to take you back from Keita now.”

Noboru hugged Sana hard. But Sana was expressionless.

“Sana! My Sana. Come back here. Get away from Keita!”

“If you’re going to do it, do it quickly. I love Keita-kun. I’m only doing it today because Keita wants me to do it with Noboru.”

“Shut up. Sana is mine. I’m not going to give it to Keita’s bastard.”

Noboru grabs Sana’s breasts and starts rubbing them hard. When I usually rub Sana’s breasts, I rub them in a way that makes both of us feel good, but I don’t see any such thing in Noboru now.

Sana did not utter a single word. I watched the two of them quietly. Unlike my time, Sana’s face didn’t look at all pleasant.

“I’m going to put it in you.”

Noboru inserted himself into Sana and started to piston hard. Sana’s eyes were vacant and she looked like she wanted the sex to be over as soon as possible.

“Sana. Your vagina is great. Pant comfortably. I’m better than Keita, aren’t I?”

“That’s not true… Keita’s better.”

Sana does not change her appearance even when Noboru is giving her a hard time. Noboru, who had been confident at first, begins to get flustered.

“Why, Sana’s vagina is not very wet. Why is that? Even though I’ve touched and penetrated her so much, Sana doesn’t feel anything!”

“Hurry up. I want to end this already.”

Sana wants to end her sex with Noboru. Noboru also gave up and pulled out his penis from Sana’s vagina.

Sana. Why? Why can’t it be me…”

Sana, freed from Noboru’s penis, looked at me with tearful eyes. Just by looking into her eyes, I could tell what Sana was thinking.

“Keita-kun. I want Keita-kun’s penis!”

“Oh, I’ll give you a reward for having sex with Noboru.”

I moved Noboru out of the way and approached Sana. The first time I saw her, she looked relieved when she saw my face close to hers.

“Sana. I’m going to touch you.”


When I touched Sana’s chest, she jerked. It was a cute reaction. I could tell she was waiting for me to touch her.

“Phew. That’s a good reaction.”

“I love it when you touch me, Keita-kun.”

“What about Noboru?”

“I don’t want him to touch me.”

“That’s right.”

I hugged Sana and kissed her so that Noboru could see. I twisted my tongue into Sana’s mouth and forcefully entangled it with hers. Sana responded to my tongue and twirled it violently.

“Noboru, did you see that? Sana is mine. She does things for me that she wouldn’t do for you.”

I stroke Sana’s head and she kisses me with rough breathing.

“S-Sanaa…Stop it!”

Noboru grabbed the sleeve of the shirt he was wearing and shivered. The expression on his face looked very frustrated.


I signal Noboru with my eyes while kissing her. Noboru shows me a frightened expression that he has never shown me before.

“Sana, give me a blowjob.”

Sana silently squats down and sucks my penis all the way to the base. Sana’s sucking strength is like that of a leech.


“Ahh. That’s good. I’m going to ejaculate a shot right away.”

I ejaculated a lot in Sana’s mouth. It makes me feel so good and clears my mind.

“Sana. Don’t swallow yet. I’ll show Noboru.”

I made Sana turn toward Noboru and open her mouth. The thick, thick semen filled her mouth and was about to overflow.

“Look at this, Noboru. Isn’t it thick?”

I grabbed Sana’s lips and proudly showed them to Noboru. Noboru’s life was already at zero. It was overkill.

“So, Sana…my Sana…is she no longer here…”

“I love Keita-kun. I want to break up with Noboru.”

Sana looked at my face and said, Sana didn’t want to see Noboru’s face. I added Sana to follow up on Noboru.

“Noboru. Sana seems to want to break up with you. Is that okay?”

“Oh, yeah. Oh, I’m …. I won’t get involved anymore.”

Noboru readily accepted goodbye and left the room as if to run away. Noboru’s mentality was broken and he would no longer be involved with Sana.

“Sana. Now we’re together.”


I had completely won Sana as my girlfriend.

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1 year ago

Ouch, that was terrible.

1 year ago
Reply to  Akirei

Damn bro,I cant even imagine how much it hurt for him,Like her girlfriend is having sex with another man right in front of him