Ch 3 Morning of the Shadow Hero

Kahlua’s day begins by rousing her sluggishly sleeping master.

“Phil, I’m coming in!”

Despite the early morning, Kahlua was well dressed in her maid’s uniform.


Not only that, she had bathed in water to cleanse herself, combed her hair, and applied a thin layer of makeup, despite the fact that she was not sweating.


The goal is to appear as though she is close to her master by dressing shamelessly in that manner.


The perception of a maid has an impact on the master she works for.


And then there is also the maiden’s heart, which is probably a part of it.

Kahlua enters Phil’s bedroom without even knocking.


The bedroom has a large bed, a table, and a closet. There is nothing of the sort, such as flashy decorations or expensive works of art.


“It’s simple, unbefitting of an aristocrat.” If you’re an aristocrat, it would be nice to have something that appeals to your dignity and appearance here and there, but that’s what she think every time.


However, it is obvious that his master does not care about things.


When Phil, who is purely motivated by sexual desire with a dash of dazzling kindness, is shown gilded gold and silver treasures, he will eject them without paying them any attention and immediately sell them to pay for his whorehouse.


As soon as she stepped inside the space, Kahlua headed straight for her master’s bed.


On the bed was the sleeping face of his beloved master. His manly abs were visible under the rolled-up clothes.


It was inevitable that a girl would unconsciously have her eyes drawn to it.

“He’s still sleeping like a little baby.”
A face that looks somewhat juvenile.


Where is the mischievous perversity of his usual demeanor? This is what a gap means, assuming there is such a thing.


“Are you awake”? Kahlua muttered. but does nothing but rest her cheek on the bed.


She simply stares into Phil’s face with soft-eyed focus.

Kahlua thinks this is the most blissful moment in her life as a maid.


For this moment, I can watch Phil’s sleeping face at any time.


This moment, which no one else can see, is all mine – a time that satisfies my desire for exclusivity.


“Hmmm, this…”

Kahlua pokes Phil’s cheek with her finger.


Each time she does, her mouth moves in a “munchy-munchy” motion, which makes her even cuter.




“Big …… titties, I love them!”




The moment Kahlua heard that sleep talk, a vein appeared on Kahlua’s forehead.


Then, she mercilessly stuck two fingers into those closed eyes.



My eyes, my eyes, my eyes!!!!”


It must be a common problem in the whole world that many people don’t wake up easily.


Even if they don’t, this method of waking them up may be a revolutionary idea. It is an excellent way to wake up a sleeping person in one shot.


However, I don’t need to tell you that it might affect the human body of a sleeping person.


“Good morning, Phil.”


“Yes, good morning, Kahlua-san! You did a pretty good job of waking me up from my drowsiness.


“Oh, well, compliments don’t get you anywhere.”


“If you don’t know the word “sarcasm,” go back to school and learn it!”


Holding his bloodshot eyes, Phil picks himself up.


“Oh …… eyes, seriously, you …… have something against me!”

“’Yeah, hey …… enough to say ‘fuck you’ in a feminine way.”


“I ain’t done nothing wrong,…….”


While Phil rubbed his eyelids to alleviate the pain, Kahlua looked down at her breasts.



“……It’s the shape that counts.”






As Phil’s blurred vision gradually recovered, he saw Kahlua with a sultry look on her face.


It is a natural phenomenon for a man to feel strangely moved when a normally beautiful girl shows this kind of appearance.


But that is only if the source of the pain in your eyes is not the girl in front of you.


“Oh well, …… I mean, I don’t want to get up.”


Not caring about Kahlua’s unfamiliar reaction, Phil lies down on the bed once more, looking melancholy.


“Don’t be like that, get up. Breakfast will be ready soon.”


“I mean, what could be more depressing? I wish yesterday had been a dream, but it’s the cruel reality that brings tears to the eyes of a pure boy.”

The incident from yesterday made it known that Phil was the “Hero of the Shadows.”


The second day passed without any solution for Phil, who was afraid to go outside.


“……, how’s everyone doing?”


The same.


“Oh, yeah! Everyone is the same as usual! I knew yesterday was a dream, and everyone was enjoying their happy, carefree lives…


“Everyone is the same as they were yesterday…”


“…… Can’t you at least let me dream a little bit?”


Phil gets up and fearfully opens the window.


Then, “Master ‘Hero of Shadows’ is awake!” He said, “Kyaaa! Look at me! I can hear the words…


“……I’m thinking of shutting myself in.”


 I gently closed the window.


“……I’m sure, after another night’s sleep, Mr. Privacy will come back to you.”


“Mr. Privacy is out of town for a while.”


“I hope he comes back. ……”

Phil covered his face with his hands and cried wistfully.


How popular are you, you “shadow hero” son of a bitch, Phil complained to himself, making a scene on a privacy-neutral stakeout in the morning.

“What’s the matter with you not liking it in the first place? Why don’t you just wave your hands in the air? They’re harmless anyway, just make some noises.”


“So you want me to go to a whorehouse with a big smile on my face and wave like I’m in a parade? I’ve never seen a man go to a whorehouse with a crowd watching him go.”


“So stop going to the whorehouse.”


“Then where are you going to put all this sexual energy?”


“Why don’t you just go to the wall?”


“If you’re making your master so miserable, what do you stand to gain from it?”


“I don’t know.”

Kahlua turns away with puffed out cheeks.


 Why does he make that kind of face? Phil wondered, but then let out a big sigh of resignation.


“Well, I guess we’ll just have to …… see, won’t we?


“What are you going to do?”


“Of course, I’ll do my best to cover it up! I’ll do my best to cover up the masks I was carrying. I’m just a fan, so I collect similar masks!”


“I hope I can fake it.”

Kahlua gets up and walks behind Phil out of the room.


“You’re not being very forthcoming, are you, Kahlua?”


“Because I don’t think you’d believe me anyway.”


“Ha! Don’t underestimate my worldly skills! I’m still a super delinquent who has been avoiding trouble with ease despite being the heir apparent of a count’s family!”

Indeed, I have been able to live freely until now.


I have not been trapped by the ties of being a nobleman, and I have not deviated from the rails of being the son of a bum.



“You say that, but Phil’s going to go help someone, right ……?”


In the end, I’m going to become a ‘shadow hero’ even if I’m deceiving myself.


“There will be more factors that cannot be manipulated, so it won’t change even if you lie to yourself about being a fan.”


“I’ll do my best to avoid …… being found out as usual.”


“Then, from now on, you must refrain from drinking alcohol.”


The maid, who is surprisingly unforgiving, makes the master sigh loudly once more.

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