Ch.7 Factional Conflict

After telling the maid to show Milis and the others around, Phil went back to his office where he usually works for the time being.

At that time, Kahlua said, “Even so, yesterday’s today’s action is amazing.”..

And then—

“It’s probably a war between factions anyway.”
Leaning back on the back of the chair with all his might, Phil answered lazily.

“A faction war?”
“That’s right, there’s definitely a faction conflict.”

While continuing the conversation, Kahlua gently walked behind her master and began to stroke his head slowly.

Phil was so accustomed to this that he was left to his own servant. His eyes narrowed as if he was feeling very comfortable.

He was like a cat, he thought, his mouth tearing open inwardly in a cute way.

‘You do realize there is no Pope in the Church right now, don’t you?

‘It’s a conundrum. The Church’s leader has died, and his replacement has yet to be named……. I thought the two archbishops were currently vying for his successorship?”

The two archbishops are currently in competition with one another. One is an elderly man with a lengthy background. The other person is a young girl. The identities of the two are unknown to the public. The number of saints is two, and the authority, believers, and supporters are all moving at a snail’s pace….

The pope is the head of the church.

If the top leader disappears, the rice will inevitably go to the next archbishop.

I want to go up if I can.

If anyone can reach the summit they dream of, they will continue to fight until they reach it.

Such talk had been going on in the church for some time.

“Even though it’s called a faction war, I haven’t heard much about it and don’t know much about it. They’re ostensibly competing on the basis of contribution or number of followers or something. They should just get along and hold hands because it’s a church, but now it’s muddy like aristocracy…”
“That is correct, but how does this visit have anything to do with factional warfare? She’s probably not the type of idiot who expects playboys to make offerings.”
“They simply wanted to create a relationship value between the ‘Hero of Shadow’ and the saints of their faction. If they can establish a positive connection, they can publicly announce to the opposing faction, “Our faction has added a ‘Hero of Shadow’ to its ranks.”

The presence of the “Hero of Shadows” is now quite significant.

As you can see from the lords and ladies who have flocked to the mansion, the “Hero of Shadows” is loved and respected by many people, and in terms of simple “popularity” rather than visible authority, he is more than a nobleman.

Popularity can be an absolute boost to faith in factional warfare, where faith is the goal rather than power..

Same as the cherry blossoms that are often used in sales.

If that “shadow hero” is in this faction, it might be better for him to be in this faction–that’s how the faction’s value increases..

“Do you think they would send us a valuable saint card in the first place when rumors have just been circulating? I don’t think there’s anyone in the archbishop’s office who’s a horse and a deer combined, and I’m sure he’s trying to add you to his faction.”

“But that saint didn’t look like that, did she? It’s like she just here to say thank you.”

“I suppose so. If anything, the archbishop was taking advantage of the saint’s gratitude. He’s saying, “Let’s go forward, and if we can act before the other factions intervene without affecting the saint’s mood, that’s fine.”

Oh,how bothersome.

Feeling that his neck was caught in some strange place, Phil looked up at the ceiling while being stroked.

“… Even if it’s incorrect, the guy who attacked today-“

“Probably because of other factions. If one saint disappears, the balance of power will tilt at once.

“It’s ostensibly peaceful factional warfare, hey……”

I’m not sure if the archbishop is behind it, but I believe he’s at least targeting that saint. I would not leave her alone if I knew that.

“You’re as kind as ever.”

“It’s in my blood.”

Phil got up and gently placed his hand on the ground.

Then the touched area turned black and slowly began to sink.

Then, as he pulled his arm out, the head of the person who had just attacked him came to the surface.

I’ll talk to him later. “Freezing is important. Thaw it out, and you’ll always have a fresh assailant.

I think Phil’s “binding” magic is useful every time I go to ……. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a way to get them to cook for you.

I’m sorry, but my magic is notoriously difficult for housewives to handle.

Phil cowered his shoulders and let go of the head he was holding.

Then the assailant’s head sank back into the stained floor, and the black floor returned to its original color.

“I’ll take care of her while she’s here,” he said.
“ Our house will be safer than any inn, and you and I can handle things together if the need arises.”

“I see you’re not going to leave it to the knights. Besides, I’m included in the count. ……”

“You’re not happy?”


“I’m not happy …… because I’m your maid of honor. I don’t want to protect anyone, I want to protect you.”
 Kahlua puffs out her cheeks in frustration and starts poking Phil in the face
“If you say that, why is a duchess a maid?”


“That’s one thing, that’s another.”
What’s that?


 Seeing Kahlua appealing her dissatisfaction in a cute way, Phil couldn’t help but chuckle.


 This has influenced his brother to say some strange things to him, but as long as he continues to do so, Phil had nothing to say.

“Well, why don’t you stop complaining and do me a favor… hey, buddy?”

“Well, I don’t have a choice. I’ll forgive you if you pat me on the head.


Phil puts Kahlua on his lap and begins to stroke her silky flame hair.

Kahlua’s face was very pleasant as she squinted her eyes and let her whole body fall into Phil’s hands.

“I’m your only partner, aren’t I?”

That’s right. You are my most important partner.




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