THOS Ch.7,5

Ch.7,5. Side Story ~Saint

In the bedroom of the Countess Salemabert’s house – one of the many rooms assigned exclusively to guests – the saintly Milis calls her escort knights to her and begins to speak.

“After all, he was the Hero of Shadows!”

Milis’ eyes sparkle and she smiles a lovely, innocent smile that is appropriate for her age.

It was typical of a child who longs to be a hero and has seen the real thing.

This visit – that is, to thank Phil, as I told him.

Perhaps it was to my advantage that I happened to be at a nearby church, and thus I was able to visit within two days of the rumors beginning to circulate.

At first, it was half doubt and half wishful thinking.

It is natural to be skeptical because there have been rumors in the past that the “Hero of Shadows” is that person or that this person is the Hero of Shadows.

In fact, after I was saved by the “Hero of Shadows,” the rumors have played on my mind many times.
Still, I couldn’t give up.

I couldn’t just say thank you and all I could do was cry, so I wanted to return the favor this time.

And then, the moment Phil entered the room, I was convinced — This person was without a doubt the “Hero of the Shadow”.

“Is that because my feelings were strong?” I can only say that it was wonderful that I could figure out his identity just by looking at his true form, even though he was disguised.

“Once you see it, you can’t argue with it.”

One of the knights agreed.

They, like Milis, were skeptical.

Furthermore, unlike Milis, they did not owe him a direct favor, so they were honestly in the mood for a little exploration

But what if they opened the lid?                        

Instead of our thier inadequate efforts, he gallantly protected the saint, the object of their protection.

And, he did so by using magic that was quite mysterious to the knights.

“But the magic of the Hero of Shadows was amazing. We can’t handle magic, so anything we saw was a surprise to us, but …… that was honestly more than we’ve ever seen before.”

“Yes, sir! He is a hero, after all!”

“We are not worthy …… to be able to protect the saint next time.”

.Magic is a technique that humans with magical abilities can use.

With the ideal as the theme, it manifests itself as a phenomenon in the world by maintaining the pursuit of the theme and incorporating it into the formula.

The magic is proportionally stronger.

The magic Phil has shown is a cut above that of some of the magicians out there.

How can one reach that level? Unfortunately, this is an unknown world for knights who are unable to possess magical powers and can only hone their skills.

Therefore, the only impression the knights had was either “wow” or “what a surprise.”

“But the “Hero of the Shadows” stubbornly denied it. …… Why is that?”

“People are calling him ‘incompetent’ and even ‘the son of a bum.’…… I can’t help but wonder. He is far from being what he seems to be.”

I’m sure there must be something going on with Phli-san! I think so!”

He doesn’t want to be bound by the circumstances,he just wants to play around.

Sometimes it’s better not to hear the discouraging truth.

“Phil is a wonderful man, he has saved someone without asking for praise or even gain. …… That is because his heart is pure, after all. I am sure the Goddess is pleased with him in heaven.”

Just thinking about the image earlier makes my cheek blushed slightly.

“I sense Phil’s humble but kind heart. He was a very cool guy, just like back then.”

My impression of Phil is top notch.

Having met, interacted with, and seen him, Milis is constantly praising him.

She is not a saint, but a maiden in love.

Heart marks are flying all around her, so much so that she would get a majority of votes in a survey.

“But for some reason I couldn’t say thank you properly…”

However, she immediately dropped her heart mark to the ground, and Millis looked down dejectedly.

Her goal had been to thank him, but she was inevitably frustrated that she had ended up not being able to do so.

“It can’t be helped. After all, something like that just happened.”

“And the first thing you have to think about is–Where are the assailants?”

“Oh… that’s right, isn’t it?

The assailant showed up on an earlier visit.

We all know that Phil would not have invited a hostile guest.

If so, why did they attack?

The fact that they attacked at the same time Milis visited the mansion was unchangable…


“I…Is there anyone in the church who would do such a thing?. I didn’t want to believe it…even though we are all equally devoted to the goddess.”

“Recently, they have been in a state of antagonism.

“In that case, the money from other factions… However, I heard that there are people in our faction who have relationships with other factions.

Once you’ve thought that far, you’re in a quagmire.

There is no way to reach the bottom by discussing uncertain and invisible factors on the table.

Therefore, the only course of action we can take is…

“As …… ‘Hero of Shadow’-sama said, it is safer here than staying at an inn. If that is the case, why don’t you, the saint, stay in this mansion for a while?”

…We’ll see how it goes, that’s all we can do.

I understand,…… and I will ask you to do that for me.

Milis sits up and steps toward the door to the room.

‘I’ve come all this way to thank you for your hospitality,…… but once again I’ve caused you inconvenience.

I was sorry for that, and the face that had been so prettily arranged sank and showed a shadow.

The knights watching their backs had the same complexion.

If only we were strong enough, if only we were strong enough.

Even if they lamented so, it is hard to believe that their skills would improve enough to break through the current situation in a day or two.

Therefore, they think.

Let’s do what we can do first.


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